The price of pitching is too damn high

I discussed this topic over the weekend when the blockbuster Mat Latos trade occurred, and I think it still holds true following the news of the recent John Danks extension with Chicago.  To paraphrase worldly philosopher Jimmy McMillan: The price of pitching is too damn high. Danks was considered a likely trade target for the Yankees because the White Sox were reportedly in a rebuilding stage (having shipped their young closer Sergio Santos off to Toronto for a prospect), and Danks was going into a contract year. Rather than risk losing Danks for only draft picks in free agency, it made sense to imagine that Danks would be shopped around for a trade.

The idea of trading Danks presumably crossed GM Kenny Williams’ mind (reportedly asking for Montero and Banuelos in any deal from the Yankees), but given the price, it was a non-starter.  It was pretty clear that he had little intention of dealing Danks unless he received an absolutely absurd offer, and no such offer was forthcoming.  … Click here to read the rest

The Fun And Frustration Of Being A Yankee Fan On A Budget

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As the Yankees continue down their path of self-imposed penny pinching, focusing on the big picture and future benefits of cutting payroll for 2014 rather than the immediate benefits of signing someone like Roy Oswalt or Hiroki Kuroda, we Yankee fans and distinguished members of the Yankee blogosphere suddenly find ourselves in some unfamiliar territory.  By now we are (or should be) used to the Yankees not always getting their man during Hot Stove season.  But to see them take a backseat approach to the offseason proceedings and not really attempt to get any man or even make other teams think that they’re trying to get their man?  That’s Dimension X-level weirdness to many, and it’s already starting to get to some of us.

Because we know the Yankees have needs.  They aren’t glaring needs, but any relatively smart Yankee fan knows that this team has needs, mainly another big-time starter. … Click here to read the rest

Avoiding the Cost of Interest

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“Not interested” have seemingly become Brian Cashman’s favorite two words, which hasn’t exactly been music to the ears of many Yankees fans (or agents hoping to ignite a bidding war). Although it’s easy to see why Cashman would remain aloof when it comes to big ticket free agents or inflated trade demands seeking the team’s best prospects, the cold shoulder given to pitchers like Hiroki Kuroda and Roy Oswalt has been harder for many to understand.

Is Roy Oswalt the best option for the Yankees? (Photo: AP)

As the winter has progressed, and the Yankees’ Hot Stove has remained without a flame, there has been a growing disenchantment among the fan base. All of sudden, the likes of Oswalt and Kuroda have become “must haves”, and the Yankees’ lack of interest a sign of irrational fiscal restraint. Earlier, I suggested the team might be in a warped version of a rebuilding mode, and apparently, many in the Yankees’ Universe have taken that sentiment a little too much to heart.… Click here to read the rest

Fear the Canadians?

The Blue Jays, the designated bridesmaid of the AL East, almost got Yu Darvish. Their bid ended up falling just behind the Texas Rangers. They are coming off a thoroughly average 81-win campaign with a young, promising team, while the Yankees and Red Sox haven’t made significant upgrades this season. Is this their year?

Since the summer, the Blue Jays have made some pretty significant moves. They brought in Colby Rasmus, Ben Francisco and Kelly Johnson via trade. They have lost backup catcher Jose Molina. Brett Lawrie, acquired in the Shaun Marcum trade, hit .413 wOBP after being called up last year, and will hold down 3rd base in 2011.

They’re going to have to deal with some potential regression from their best hitter. Jose Batista provided 8.3 WAR last season. That’s probably not going to happen again. However, the news is brighter for them with their other hitters, as the duo of Travis Snider and Adam Lind were pretty terrible last season, but have big-time hitting potential.… Click here to read the rest

The Building Frustration

Generally, I’m a patient person. I work with kids all day, so I need patience–even if they try my last nerve each and every day. In my baseball life, I tend to be relatively patient. I don’t (usually) overreact to one instance in the season or in a game, knowing it’s part of the larger picture. Perhaps it’s the absence of anything exciting going on in Yankee-land, but I’m beginning to grow frustrated and impatient.

Yesterday, it was widely reported on the ‘net that Roy Oswalt has scaled back his “demands” and is willing to take on a one year contract. In the last few months, I’ve written about him twice and expressed at least mild interest in seeing him join the Yankees. But, the Yankees are apparently not interested in him, even on a one year deal. Hiroki Kuroda has been a frequent topic of conversation here at TYA (and other places in the Yankee blogosphere) and apparently he’s closing in on a deal that isn’t with the Yankees.… Click here to read the rest