The price of pitching is too damn high

I discussed this topic over the weekend when the blockbuster Mat Latos trade occurred, and I think it still holds true following the news of the recent John Danks extension with Chicago.  To paraphrase worldly philosopher Jimmy McMillan: The price of pitching is too damn high. Danks was considered a...

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The Fun And Frustration Of Being A Yankee Fan On A Budget

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

As the Yankees continue down their path of self-imposed penny pinching, focusing on the big picture and future benefits of cutting payroll for 2014 rather than the immediate benefits of signing someone like Roy Oswalt or Hiroki Kuroda,...

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We’re all thinking it, so I’m going to say it

No interest in C.J. Wilson.

No interest in Hiroki Kuroda.

No interest in Roy Oswalt.

No (apparent) interest in Edwin Jackson.

No good deals out there on the trade market, and John Danks just signed an extension to keep him with...

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Avoiding the Cost of Interest

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

“Not interested” have seemingly become Brian Cashman’s favorite two words, which hasn’t exactly been music to the ears of many Yankees fans (or agents hoping to ignite a bidding war). Although it’s easy to see why Cashman would remain aloof when it comes to...

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Fear the Canadians?

The Blue Jays, the designated bridesmaid of the AL East, almost got Yu Darvish. Their bid ended up falling just behind the Texas Rangers. They are coming off a thoroughly average 81-win campaign with a young, promising team, while the Yankees and Red Sox haven’t made significant upgrades this season. Is this their year?

Since the...

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The Building Frustration

Generally, I’m a patient person. I work with kids all day, so I need patience–even if they try my last nerve each and every day. In my baseball life, I tend to be relatively patient. I don’t (usually) overreact to one instance in the season or in a game, knowing it’s part of the larger...

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