Bill Hall, and the (Not So) Super-Utility Bargain Bin

With the hot stove dwindling just below a simmer, yesterday saw Ken Rosenthal “break” a story with respect to the Yankees’ interest in … Bill Hall. This is indicative of, at the very least, Cashman’s continued interest in having a veteran presence to spell Alex Rodriguez. A more optimistic and/or pessimistic view may...

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Jorge Posada’s HOF Case

Since Jorge Posada‘s retirement after a distinguished 17-year career, a consensus has emerged on his Hall of Fame case.  Most people will probably place Posada in the “Hall of Very Good” with other Yankee legends such as Don Mattingly and Bernie Williams (presumably), and as a small hall supporter in general,...

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Who is the X-Factor?

I define X-Factor as, “The player who has the greatest range of variation.” An X-Factor could be really good, or really bad. X-Factors ultimately will make-or-break your season. C.C. Sabathia may be the best player on the roster, but he’s so consistent it’s almost boring. Players may be aging, but many are pretty easily judged...

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The looming curse of Mo

But then, astute readers will immediately notice that one of these things is not like the others. Jones and Guerrero were highly rated outfield prospects who went on to have very productive, borderline Hall of Fame careers. That’s nothing to sneeze at, of course, and if you were fortunate enough to get the prime years of those careers you got an awful lot of production for it. But Mariano Rivera is pretty much unanimously regarded as the greatest relief pitcher of all time. If all else were equal, you’d expect the greatest player ever at one position to clearly be better than a borderline HOF case at another position.

And herein lies the rub: Mariano Rivera is, by definition, the exception to the rule. What Mo has done in his career and the value he’s provided to his team says absolutely nothing about the performance or value of any other relief pitcher because they’re not Mo. This is necessarily what we mean when we call Mariano the GOAT, though I don’t think many people really appreciate that reality.…

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Is There Hope For A.J. In 2012?

It's the dreaded return of A.J. Two-Face.

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Whelan – Yanks’ Last Tie to Sheffield

Despite winning 97 games in 2006, the Yankees were a flawed baseball team. Andy Phillips played 110 games and Miguel Cairo played 81 times. First base was a wasteland of Phillips and Craig Wilson as the Yankees were reluctant to give Jason Giambi many starts there. Randy Johnson won 17 games but finished with a 5.00 ERA. Two of the five rotation starters were guys like Jaret Wright and Shawn Chacon. It was the season that Bernie Williams lost his starting job as a center fielder and it proved to be his last season in pinstripes.

Much of that season became a drama around Gary Sheffield. Sheffield was no stranger to drama as he always found ways to irritate people with the things he said and how his personality was perceived. But 2006 was doubly so because Sheffield missed most of it. After a 5 WAR season in 2005 which was terrific offensively (if not defensively), Sheffield’s absence was a problem.…

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