Change happens, again

First, a few words on ESPN. I have nothing but great things to say about the MLB team at ESPN, notably Dave Schoenfield, David Kull, Jamie Greenthal, Mark Simon, Matt Szefc, not to forget Jon Scher at ESPNNY. And most importantly, Rob Neyer, who is now at SBN. Rob took a chance on me in the Fall of 2009 and he knows how grateful I will always remain for putting his faith in me. Dave stepped into some very large shoes when Rob left and was always accessible and eager to hear new ideas and suggestions. ESPN is a beast and there are some serious fiefdoms to contend with, but on a personal level, these guys were professionals. I am proud to be able to call these guys friends and colleagues. I hope we did right by them. Like with us, you might not agree with everything they say or do, but you have to respect their force.

And without stealing his thunder (we have spoken at length about this and hopefully this post is timed with his), I am thrilled that Rob Abruzzese’s Bronx Baseball Daily will now be holding the Yankees flag at ESPN going forward. Quality guy and quality site. Make sure you visit, bookmark and offer your congrats (Rob’s twitter here).

As for SNY, the timing and opportunity presented were right for us. SNY had been the home for Alex Belth’s Bronx Banter (with Cliff Corcoran and Emma Span and others) for years, anchoring their Yankees coverage. I’d spoken with Alex about SNY prior to my decision and he indicated that SNY has been great for him, but his site has been heading a different direction for the last few years, more towards non-baseball stuff than the hardcore baseball. We’re honored to have the opportunity to try to fill Alex’s void. SNY owns a number of great web properties already, including Matt Cerrone’s MetsBlog (with my former neighbor Michael Baron),, the always hilarious Ted Berg’s TedQuarters. While the particulars are yet to be completed, we will be effectively be riding above the hugely popular forum,, leading SNY’s Yankees coverage. I will certainly be more actively involved in the site in 2012 than I was in 2011.

In addition to change in affiliation, SNY affords us the opportunity to leverage the assets and skills at a major Regional Sports Network. Things we might get involved in over time: podcasts, videocasts, interviews, etc. Stuff to expand our own fandom and have a bit of fun. In short, more ways to involve you, too. Frankly, we’re not sure what direction this will ultimately take, but the opportunity for expansion provided by SNY is wonderful. They have pledged their partnership and it’s up to us to take advantage.

I can hear the question: Isn’t SNY the broadcast home of the Mets? Well, yes it is. It’s also a major NY Regional Sports Network with coverage far beyond the Mets. The SNY site is not branded for the Mets.

Lastly, until further notice, our RSS feeds, URL and other technical stuff should remain intact. We’ll be rolling up into SNY and other properties over time (all stuff we will figure out when we get there, just take the fork in the road) and we’ll let you know if there will be any changes.

Thanks again, all of you.

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13 thoughts on “Change happens, again

  1. As an older reader, it's natural not to like change. Change worries me. I've loved coming here for quite a long time now. One comforting fact is that I have never actually come to this site via I always come here directly. As long as that doesn't change, I'm good. I also like that there are few frills. Just come and peruse good writing. I hope that stays the main focus. I'm not a fan of podcasts but understand that some are. It's also good news that you, Jason, will be more actively involved. No knocks on Brien and the rest of the gang, but your writing has been missed. Anyway, good luck with all this. Crossing my fingers that I'll enjoy coming here for many months to come.

  2. Thanks William. There won't be a heckuvalot of change, at least for the time being. We're hoping to add some features and fun stuff that we've discussed amongst ourselves but never initiated. Your comments mean a lot to me and I thank you sincerely for them, as well as your continued readership. It's an honor to have you here.

  3. Same URL, same people, right? In which case, I don't care. Just keep the same peeps, keep your link on the RHS of the "Daily Blog CIrcuit" and I'm good.

    And if you come back, and have time to contribute more? Just tasty icing on the cake.

    (Please tell me Tamar isn't bailing – gotta have her recaps the next day. ;D)

      • I'm with Jay; though I felt secretly giddy in an "in the know" way when the guys here were referenced in SweetSpot or Power Rankings, I never came HERE from there; was always vice versa. I'll still read ESPN daily (and can't say that I will/won't SNY at the moment), but as long as I can plug the URL in here and read all the fine folks here regularly… hurrah!

  4. A couple of thoughts. While we have much to look forward to, there's also a lot to look back upon. Thanks here to Dave and Christina, always professional, always a thrill when you posted or linked to something I wrote. I'll miss the ESPN affiliation; as a left coaster, ESPN carries more name recognition in my day-to-day than SNY.

    But creativity requires moving forward, and moving forward requires change. This change is a good one, as it gives us a clean white board to imagine what we'd like this site to be and how each of us here would like to contribute. For me, the change may give me the chance to focus on what I really like to do, which is to write long "feature" pieces, leaving the day-to-day to people like Brien, Tamar and Jason (who are really good at it).

    To all those who read us regularly, or occasionally; to all those who've commented on my pieces positively, or negatively; to the silent majority who never comment but whose "hits" make what we do possible: thank you for your support. Please bookmark us. Please hang with us.

  5. Best of luck to you guys with the change, Jason. I've been reading the site for a long time (just don't comment much) and will continue to do so. is a great site as well, so it will be a nice partnership between you and Matthew.

  6. Why the Yanks gush so much I will never know – Is it really that big a deal – You're a sports hack.

    • Thanks for your well-thought out comments Frankie.

      You're wrong. I'm not a sports hack. I'm a wannabe sports hack. Big difference.

      Yet, somehow, I'm happy with it. Go figure. Thanks for coming by.

  7. Jason – (and crew) – just a tiny headsup. No new content here today (1-27) so I went to ESPN and their Sweetspot, to check out the "official" new NYY blog. Imagine my surprise to see IIATMS listed for the NYY.

    Not complaining, but happy to see you still linked. Does that mean you still get paid, too? :D