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7 thoughts on “Report: Yankees considering budget increase

  1. If Ryan Madson had to settle for a one yr deal, there's no reason why these others couldn't, either. Just because Boras asks for the moon, it doesn't mean he has to get it.

    • Actually from what I've seen on this site, Jason, it seems Kuroda and Oswalt were already looking into 1 year deals. I don't see Jackson doing that though.

  2. Put a one-year $8 million offer on the table for Oswalt and Kuroda and see who accepts it first. Hopefully Oswalt. Kuroda moving from the NLW to the ALE is scairy.

  3. Standing stil is going backwards as our divisional rivals are getting better..not to mention potential playoff foes, Angels have added Papelbon..Ver BAD we resigned A Jones..he is done..good DH on a bad team..give Montero full time shot as DH..what do U think

  4. No way the front office is worried about potentially losing money in the future by not spending it now. This is the Yankees, not the Mariners. Fans will always be back. They may call for Cashman's head but thats about it. Scott Boras is a douche, why hasn't the Fielder deal gotten done yet? He convinces the players that they are worth more than what they are to drive up his commissions. http://www.fromthisseat.com.