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12 thoughts on “The Yankees are talking to Edwin Jackson

  1. yup. we need to bombard Randy and Hal with RS tweets and email – hoping the tiny light bulb in their heads comes on.

    Should they sign him – you only have yourself to blame (you and every other impatient blogger;) you've been wanting them to do SOMETHING all off-season. Sure, this isn't the right thing, but it IS something.

    • I'm pretty sure I've long been pretty explicit that I didn't really care for Edwin Jackson.

    • um, if Yanks management makes a panic move based on the writing of a Yankees blogger (no offense, I think this blog is awesome, I really do), then we have something bigger to worry about in terms of the organization.

      they can only blame themselves if they overpay for Jackson. I'd hate to think they make panic signings as a reply to the fans wanting them to make a splash.

      say it ain't so…

      • No one here, writer or commenter or lurker, wants to see Ownership/Mgmt go over Cashman's head, again, and kowtow to Boras' otherworldly demands for mediocraty.

        One year, fine. Hell, give him an option for #2 if you so choose, if he hits certain criteria. Nothing more than one guaranteed year. Period.

  2. I'd much prefer Oswalt on a one year deal, but I think he is going to stay in the National League.

  3. I'd certainly give Edwin Jackson the same deal we gave Rafael Soriano ;)

    The longer the offseason goes on without Jackson being signed, the lower his demand will be, so I'm a fan of "talking" with him.

  4. The time to spend on a free agent starter came and went with better options than Edwin Jackson in the forms of Wilson, Burhrle, and Darvish (posting system duly noted). Persuing Jackson reminds me of the ill-famed Jaret Wright signing: inconsistent starter with decent fastball and upside that seems to always fall short of great… I'd dangle Montero and take the best available offer for a starting pitcher.

  5. Seeing the "D" word – had an evil thought occur to me; any chance, any rumors or whisperings that Texas might have made their insane posting bid, JUST to keep Yu away from someone who might need and sign him?

    • I haven't heard anything, but let's just say that there is no "stick" in the posting system to avoid the "carrot" of such a strategy. Since the posting fee is refunded if the player does not sign, the high bidding team loses nothing by such a strategy (except for a certain amount of goodwill). Basically, they would pay nothing for the right to deprive the competition of the chance to sign the player. If Darvish fails to sign, along with the other recent posting system failures it might be the impetus for the system to be overhauled.