And Friday night, Yankees blogosphere explodes

ANTI Montero trade:

“We’ll see”:

From the other side(s):

Some Tweets:

  • Buster:  Strong reaction so far from other teams: Some execs from other AL East teams believe Yankees just made an incredible trade.
  • Kevin GoldsteinBrian Cashman shownig Jon Daniels that there’s more than one ninja in the American League.
  • Jon Morosi#Yankees suddenly have starting depth to spare: Sabathia, Kuroda, Pineda, Nova, Burnett, Hughes, Garcia. Your move, #RedSox (and #BlueJays).
  • Jayson StarkPineda’s average fastball last year traveled 94.7 mph, according to FanGraphs. The only 3 starters who beat that: Ogando, Verlander & Price
  • Evan GrantI think the Yankees “win” the Mariners deal. Pineda is a potential No. 1.
  • Me (well, Rany): Giddy-up RT @jazayerli Yankees willing to trade Montero for 3 mo of CLee. Instead they traded him for 5 yrs of Pineda. I’d call that a win.
  • Jim CallisI’d put him at No. 5, between Williams & Bichette. @bdelbanco: how about where Campos would be on #Yankees list?
  • Joel ShermanFeedbck from 4 GMs and all liked trade for #Yankees. One said, ‘They had great trade chip (Montero) and used it wisely”.
  • Chad MoriyamaYankees signed Hiroki Kuroda for Juan Rivera and two of the pieces of shit the Dodgers signed to two year deals.
  • Jayson StarkMontero-Pineda is one of most fascinating deals in years. Two young studs with star power. No money factor. A pure, old-time baseball trade.
  • Chip BuckI think every Red Sox needs to add the #fml hashtag to every tweet for the rest of the night.
  • Bryan HochIn one night, Yankees rotation mix has become this, in some order: Sabathia, Pineda, Kuroda, Nova, Garcia, Hughes, Burnett.
  • Joel ShermanCampos is slider/changeup/fastball that #Yankees saw at 97 mph last yr, avg 93-94.
  • YankeeMegInPHLDon’t fret, Red Sox Nation. Truck Day is coming soon.
  • TylerKepnerAmazing how franchise of Griffey/ARod/Edgar/Buhner/etc is now so hopeless offensively that they trade potential ace Pineda for Montero.
  • Joe Sheehan: #Yankees get two excellent pitchers. In a related story, the #Metsdidn’t have to borrow money or provide documents in a civil trial today.
  • Jeff PassanJose Campos a very legit prospect going back to Yankees, too. Always prefer bats over arms, but Yankees got two excellent righties.

If I missed any, send me the link via comments below and I will add it/them!

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10 thoughts on “And Friday night, Yankees blogosphere explodes

  1. OMG!

    I don't know what to think. I was looking forward to seeing Jesus launch opposite field homers over the short porch. But I don't think we need to worry about starting pitching depth for a while. It also gives us to the depth/flexibility use Banuelos/Betances as potential trade chips.

    To the blogger who was upset we didn't sign Kuroda for $12 M, because we could get him for $10 M. I defended not signing him, but now appreciate the depth.

    We got good, cheap pitching. I guess we don't need Roy Oswalt anymore…

  2. We ALL were excited about Montero. I can't remember any greater prospect-hugging than Montero, at least in recent years. Maybe if Brien Taylor came around in the twitter/blog/media era that we're in, he might have rivaled it. But we all (think we) KNOW these kids by the time they make it, it's almost like we've been rooting for them for years.

    That said, getting a soon-to-be 23 year old who is 6'7" and can really pitch (2nd half be damned), I'm excited.

  3. I for one am pumped. We got a legit top of the rotation power arm locked up for the next 5 years. Him and CC are the front of the rotation for the next half decade. All praise Cashman!

  4. Sorry to see Montero go, but we all know pitching wins championships. If just one of the Killer B's pans out we'll have an aces pitching staff for next 5-10 years. If both pan out it will be like the Atlanta Braves pitching staff of the 90's all over again.

  5. Who will be the big DH bat now?
    Too many legit pitchers that don't need to waste their time trying to prove to anyone that they are rotation material. Hopefully this weekend will kill any NYmedia drama with another tasty move.

  6. Given the Yankees' troubles with righties last year, Carlos Pena could be the perfect last addition. He could DH (or give Teix a day off) vs righties, and one of our aging right-handed hitters or A.Jones could DH vs lefties. And he should be available on a one-year deal (I think).

    In fact, he might even be a better fit than Montero would be on this team, since he should be more effective vs. righties and Jones shouldn't be a huge drop off vs. lefties.