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7 thoughts on “Jorge Vazquez is not a big league hitter

  1. I would like them to at least give him a Shelley Duncan shot and play him if they manage a big lead in the East this year.

    • Maybe if he acted like Shelley Duncan he would have been called up already. Signing Red Sox fans balls "Red Sox Suck" is worthy in my opinion.

  2. are Branyan, Pena or Jones considered good with sub .250BAs too? always liked Branyans intimidation factor (getting him away from Mo in the 9th would be nice).

    • Well, those guys would ideally be used in a platoon, and if you only look at their platoon splits their numbers get much more favorable.

  3. Vazquez is a terrific Mexican League hitter. But that's where it ends. He can't make enough contact to be considered an option.

  4. Branyon would be a nice addition if the Yankees are serious about sticking to the 1-2 million dollar budget. If only for a platoon hitter but I think they are trying to fill both a caddy for ARod and a platoon DH with the same signing. If they only have 1-2 million for DH what is the budget for backup infielder?