Giants advance to the Super Bowl!

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26 thoughts on “Giants advance to the Super Bowl!

  1. Kyle Williams, Bill Bucker, if Billy Buckner did it twice in one game.

  2. BrienJackson

    Grumble grumble yetz yetz…

    Just beat Brady.

  3. jay_robertson

    wow – not only did Eli set a Giants' record for most attempts and completions in a playoff game, I swear – he must have also set a record for most hurries, knockdowns, and sacks. If the Fox stats can be believed, it ended up something like 36 or so for 64(65?) dropbacks. I had no idea he was that tough.

    I'm looking forward to the SuperBowl for a change.

    • makjak2

      He's tough alright – he's yet to miss a start since becoming the starting qb. But man did he get beat up yesterday.

  4. DustyYF

    That Tim Lincecum can even send a team to playoffs in the offseason…

  5. J. Wagner

    Can't wait for the SuperBowl! Should be a hell of a game.

  6. domonic

    Rematch of Superbowl 2008.

    • domonic

      Unless the offensive line of the Giants figures it out by the Superbowl, its going to be an easy win for the Patriots.

      • mikeNicoletti

        You do realize the D line had 4 really strong weeks in a row before facing the best defense in the NFL, ya? Just a thought, but you may want to adjust for level of competition 😉

      • Marc2511

        Uhm, figures what out?

        • domonic

          figures out how to protect Manning. Did you see the game? Manning barely had any time to throw and he took a beating. You can look up the stats on how many times he got hurried, knocked down, etc. in that game if you need the evidence.

          • J. Wagner

            The second half had some really bad lapses in protection. They will need to work the kinks out for sure. Eli was hurried a ton.

  7. Marc2511

    So good. Amazing that Eli's legacy already outdoes his brother.

  8. ChipBuck

    Um…I think this is an abuse of space here. :) For what it's worth, there's nothing I can think of that's more satisfying than beating Eli Manning and the Giants in the Super Bowl, and then celebrating in the House that Peyton built. Go Pats!

    • I reserve the right to do as I damn well choose, Chip! 😉

      And for the record, I did the same in 2008:

      I’d link to the posting when the Giants made 18-1 so wonderfully delicious, but the pictures are mostly busted links at this point. Though, methinks you remember.

      Regardless, can’t wait.

      • ChipBuck

        Oh, I remember it. It's a very painful memory. That's one of the biggest reasons the revenge will be so sweet this year.

        • LarryAtIIATMS

          I never cared for teams named after geographical regions, like the New England Patriots, and … and … damn, I can't think of any other teams named after a geographical region, other than the Dixie Chicks.

          • ChipBuck

            Yeah, I hear ya. Personally, I've never been a fan of teams with geographically inaccurate names–like the Giants or Jets, who claim to be from NY, but clearly play in New Jersey. At least, the Nets aren't afraid of their New Jersey heritage.

          • jay_robertson


            Dixie Chicks. Thinking of Emily – what a nice way to wake up.

            Thanks, Larry.

    • Sabrina

      Sorry Chip but that dream might not come true;) and where is that fan that told me that my football season would end last week lol

      • ChipBuck

        It might not, but it would be pretty spectacular if it did.

  9. jaytrain

    Would have been way funny had your photo been of Linecum a la Joe Biden

  10. mikeNicoletti

    What a game!!! Go Giants, and that contest was a perfect example of why if I have a son he'll be playing baseball instead of football… That was a bloodbath.

    • jay_robertson

      Made the same comment to my son during the first game – the hit on Brady's overextended and exposed back as he dove for the TD on the QB sneak. They kept replaying the hit – I kept waiting for his spine to pop out, reminiscent of the old Joe Theisman hit.

  11. John

    Giants in the Superbowl. What a crazy season this has been! I'm loving it.

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