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26 thoughts on “Giants advance to the Super Bowl!

  1. wow – not only did Eli set a Giants' record for most attempts and completions in a playoff game, I swear – he must have also set a record for most hurries, knockdowns, and sacks. If the Fox stats can be believed, it ended up something like 36 or so for 64(65?) dropbacks. I had no idea he was that tough.

    I'm looking forward to the SuperBowl for a change.

  2. Um…I think this is an abuse of space here. :) For what it's worth, there's nothing I can think of that's more satisfying than beating Eli Manning and the Giants in the Super Bowl, and then celebrating in the House that Peyton built. Go Pats!

  3. What a game!!! Go Giants, and that contest was a perfect example of why if I have a son he'll be playing baseball instead of football… That was a bloodbath.