Tuesday notes

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday notes

  1. Adam Dunagan

    Great.. cant wait for two weeks of the rematch narrative stuffed down our throats and retrospectives of the back up long snappers' battle with OCD. Spring training can't come soon enough

  2. williamjtasker

    Olney posited that a Bay for Burnett move would work. But the Yankees already have a limited right-handed slugger in Andruw Jones. So what good would that do? Plus, Yankee Stadium wouldn't be any better for Bay than the old Citi configuration. Amazingly (for me to get to this place), Posada did look like the best option for the left-handed DH. Though I still like the J.D. Drew angle.

    • I would rather slit my eyeballs with Rick Reilly’s wit than take Jason Bay’s contract.

      • John


      • David

        As Un Chien Andalou references go, I've seen worse. 😉

  3. I don't see AJ being moved in a "headache swap".

    I could see Soriano moved if we eat some of his contract.

    Nova, D-Rob and Gardner are likely our best ML trade chips, but only D-Rob could be moved without significantly hurting the team.

    Hughes is unlikely to net much value. He's at a career low right now.

    That leaves our quintet of minor league starters (B1, B2, Warren, Phelps, Mitchell), but I don't know if they'd garner an inexpensive, MLB ready bat.

    • mcmastro

      Trading Hughes would be a horrible decision, still so young and has promise. Gardner can't afford to be traded, neither can Nova. AJ couldn't be moved for a capable DH. So you're right, the minor leaguers are the trade chips here. I personally think they could net a GREAT bat. My preference is a trade for Domonic Brown or Andre Ethier.

    • skeaney

      B1 and B2… nice. I can't help but think of the Cat in the Hat.

  4. mcmastro

    Time to trade for a DH. Detroit just signed Prince Fielder. The Yankees lineup is still potent, b the, Tigers, Rangers, and Red Sox are all capable of slugging just as well. Luckily, i think the only team with a better rotation is the Angels, and the Yankees still carry a better lineup than them.

  5. Dave

    This may be the greatest league wide accumulation of talent in baseball history if the Prince to Detroit rumors are true. The American League is going to be stacked next year.

  6. Anthony F

    Why does Garcia need to give consent to be traded? He's not a 10-and-5 guy. I can't imagine the Yankees were foolish enough to grant him a no-trade clause. So what's the technicality?

    • BrienJackson

      He just signed a contract as a free agent, after which the team can't trade you without your consent for a certain amount of days.

      • Anthony F

        Oh. Was not aware of that rule. Thanks!

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