Yankees agree to terms with Martin

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15 thoughts on “Yankees agree to terms with Martin

  1. domonic

    Great deal, hope he stays with Yanks for the next few years as his defense is solid.

  2. williamjtasker

    Agree with Domonic. I was hoping he'd get a three year deal. But I'll take this. Looking forward to another year with him behind the plate.

  3. HIM

    …explain the ball in the picture…

  4. The ball is waiting to be thrown.

    • HIM

      …is it waiting to be caught?

      • That ball is not caught by Martin unless it asks and seeks written approval to be caught. Martin doesn't catch; he receives. And each ball leaves his hand better that it was before.

        • skeaney

          Why do I feel a Chuck Norris like Martin meme starting…

        • HIM

          …you mean these (bleeds) ball

    • BrienJackson

      Ya know I hadn't actually paid that much attention to the ball before, I always thought Martin had flipped it behind his head, but it is too far in the foreground for that.

      My guess? Martin is practicing his Jedi like powers to manipulate the baseball. It explains Bartolo Colon/Freddy Garcia's seasons, anyway (A.J. Burnett, alas, is too far gone for even that to save him).

      • It also explains how Martin hit 18 home runs last year, now that I think of it.

  5. Perspective

    Why is it so tiny if it's closer to us than his hand?

    • The ball is not tiny insofar as Martin is giant.

      • HIM

        …are you linking the ball to PEDs…

  6. jay_robertson

    He's about to be beaned by yet another AJ wild pitch – this one is so scary that he actually jumped to his feet, and he's trying to escape its evil mojo.

  7. crinrighthege


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