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15 thoughts on “Got a minute or two?

  1. Thanks again. I really appreciate it. The team at SNY is genuinely interested in putting the best information at your disposal, including exclusive video and audio. It will also help us to best deliver daily content.

  2. Done, still reading IIATMS the same amount as when you were part of ESPN, but now i'm also reading Bronx Baseball Daily (like i didn't already spend too much time in front of my computer).

  3. Honestly, I've experienced more thoughtfully worded surveys. Tried to complete it but Q.5 is unanswerable in terms of the answer options given. Apparently it's a mandatory question, like the surveyor is considering offering me a loan or something if my responses are satisfactory…

  4. Hugh, the survey wasn't our creation; it came from the new mothership. I'm aware that it discusses some thing we only just started implementing, like using SNY exclusive video and such.

    Nonetheless I appreciate your, and everyone else's, time in taking the survey.

    • Didn't for one moment think you had had any part in the wording of the survey. Doesn't exactly have your collective signature on it!

      But I did want to explain why I hadn't been able to submit my responses – as Jay mentions below, my desired response was not offered and, being a bit of a Rain Man at times with these things, I didn't feel I could submit a knowingly inaccurate response.

  5. Done.

    (how could I not?)

    Realize you had no hand in the survey; if the results aren't to someone's liking, get a redo, with more granularity. There were questions where I wanted to go in between the choices offered. With luck, the results won't have any adverse effect on my favorite site. ;D

  6. I love this web site . My son turned me on to 6 months ago and I visit twice a day . I was a hardcore Y fan for 40 years until I moved south 3 years ago w/o your reporting I would be stuck w/MLB dreck.. With Alabama football and your Y stuff I can get thru the sports year almost intact . Keep up the great work !!

  7. I've completed it, but I'll give my number one thing that could increase my enjoyment (though it's not like I'm gonna stop coming here either way!): a better mobile platform for phones (e.g. the difference between m.espn.go.com and espn.go.com).

    Most of the time I read IIATMS on a laptop or desktop which is fine, but on the bus on the way home from the gym I'm generally trying to read ESPN, Grantland and here — and the latter two load very slowly due to still being, say, 90 – 145Kb loads. Granted, I load them up and read them ANYWAYS (and whatever fixes were made to the Comments last year now allow me to read those too) but that would be my pipe dream. :)

    • David: That ranks VERY HIGH on our to-do list as well. Unfortunately, blogging isn’t as robust a cash flow generator as you might imagine, so once SNY helps forklift us into a new WordPress VIP platform (by Opening Day, maybe?), we should have improved/increased mobile functionality.

      • Oh, no, I know. I was trying to split the difference between "this is my pipe dream" and "I'm glad just to have this place because it's awesome." :)

  8. I hope I didn't skewer the results too badly, I'm one one of the very few European lurkers.

  9. Done done and done.

    Hopefully this partnership with SNY will be fruitful in not only increasing readership but adding more fun stuff. As long as the IIATMS crew keeps the core content a'comin I'm good. Love you guys and all you do, keep up the good work.