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5 thoughts on “Jason Bay? Why?

  1. Wow – 49 million? Really? And I thought the brothers and Randy were the masters of horrid contracts. For this to work, there'd have to be a trade, AND the Mets would have to be on the hook for the extra $17 mil.

    Still wouldn't be very tempting at that point, but really – neither is AJ.

  2. Wow. Burnett for Alfonso Soriano makes 100x times more sense than that. Actually, signing me off the street might make more sense than that.

  3. It's impossible to quantify, but I wonder how much being The Guy in Flushing hurt Bay. I lived in Pittsburgh when he was there and he made no secret of the fact he liked playing in a place with little pressure. Even in Boston he was a secondary player. By signing the huge contract with the Mets, he heaped more scrutiny on himself then he probably imagined. Would becoming a part-time DH for the Yankees change that? Or is he just a bad player now? I have to admit to being intrigued by the idea (only if there's an agreement to drop the 2014 option), but that might just be irrationality.

    • I think he's just a bad player now. There were warning signs that he was beginning to decline as early as the 2009 season in Boston.

  4. I think another reason why the deal is tempting is because Swisher isn't clutch in the playoffs and had a slow start last year. With Bay, you can swap the two to be your DH or right-fielder game-by-game and pick one to stay next season. All in all though, I'd rather sign Damon.