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16 thoughts on “Rumor: Yankees interested in Ibanez

      • Especially factoring in Dickerson's ability to play the field every now and then to give guys a break. Yanks don;t relaly have a defensive replacement. Last year, Jones was sold as a RH off the bench and a defensive upgrade…but the problem was that he was compared to MArcus Thames. But with Girardi rigthfully switching Jones out for defense…it's obvious that Joes is not an asset in the field.

    • He wouldn't be that much worse, but Ibanez would bring a lot more power than him, and Dickerson would be much better defensively. Neither guy will put the yankees over the top, or give them any real advantage but Like Brien said, i'd take him on a MiL deal and see what he does in Tampa. Otherwise I'd probably pass.

  1. I don't believe the report. Cashman has been very smart with his signings over the past few years. I'm sure that he's aware that Ibanez is not much better than an internal option and as good as the power numbers could look, he wouldn't be a fit.

  2. I'm not believing any stories about who the Yankees are "interested in" right now. I'm sure they'll kick the tires on all the free agent hitters, but Ibanez does not seem like a Cashman-type player, unless it's on a minor league deal, as you noted. Right now, these stories are being pushed by agents trying to create a market or reporters looking to fill space. The way the Yankees operate now, the player name we're not hearing now is the one who will suddenly show up and get the job!

  3. Please no. If we want a lefty DH platoon guy who actually can mash righties we can sign Russel Branyon. And unlike Ibanez, Branyon can play first when Tex gets his rare DH days and the Yankees would essentially keep the same lineup. Just anyone who can play the field (preferably third) would be nice.

  4. I certainly have a problem with brining Ibanez in since he just really isn't that much of a threat anymore and as has been mentioned – you could never do anything with him but DH him – hell even as a pinch hitter, it's not like you could put him in the field so now you lose two players if you tried that – given Giaridi's penchant for never using the second catcher for risk of losing him if needed, I think Ibanez weakens the Yanks both in bench and flexibility more than helps – here's hoping they look elsewhere.

  5. I really have trouble believing that we don't have [i]someone[/i] in the system who can do at least as well (if not better) than most of these potential DH candidates I keep hearing about, and at a much better cost. Or maybe that's just my oddball fiscally conservative Yankee fan viewpoint coming out.

    I was looking at the roster yesterday when I saw the news of the Boone Logan re-signing. Are both Pedro Feliciano and Damaso Marte going to be available this year? I was under the impression that Logan would be the only lefty in the pen the team would have, a prospect I found troubling considering he's not all that good against left-handed hitters.

  6. Buster Olney thinks Ibanez can play RF and LF. Apparently, he thinks the Yankees are going to employee the Detroit Tigers defensive philosophy of a DH at every position.

    • Well, he's probably physically capable of doing it as a 5th outfielder type if he needs to in an extra inning game or something. As long as he isn't an everyday outfielder he won't get a chance to do too much damage with the glove.

  7. Why aren't the Yankees more interested in say trading for Bobby Abreu? He's left handed, very patient, and has virtually no role with the Angels with Bourjos, Hunter, Wells, Pujols, Trumbo, and Morales taking all of his OF/1B/DH at bats away from him. Seems to me that he would be better than Ibanez.

    • His skills are fading and he makes $9 million next year. The Angels would have to ship at least $7 million the Yankees way.