Whither Ramon Flores?


With the noteworthy exception of ‘bust,’ I am unsure that there is a more dreadful label in the scouting community than ‘tweener’ – particularly when such a label is affixed to a prospect within your team’s organization. It may not quite evoke the kiss of death as we associate with a bust, yet it is...

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After the Fact HOF Griping

First off, congrats to Barry Larkin. He should’ve been inducted last year anyway, but whatever. He’s in the Hall of Fame now and that’s what matters. After the jump, I’m going to do a little bit of Hall of Fame griping. I know a lot of you have stopped caring about the results of any...

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Stay Away from Luis Ayala

Luis Ayala is still looking for a job. This time last year, the Yankees signed Ayala to a minor league contract after a roughly half a decade of ineffectiveness. He pitched his way on to the roster and stuck there for the entire year. He pitched 56 innings with an ERA of 2.09, a K/9...

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Reposting: The National Baseball Hall of Fame AND Museum

It’s wonderful that the Hall of Fame documents the history of baseball, all of this history, even the worst parts of this history. This is the part of the mission of the Hall that we don’t talk much about. We talk about how Pete Rose should (or should not, depending on your lean) be in the Hall of Fame, but Rose IS represented in the museum.  So is Manny Ramirez.  So is Barry Bonds. Their memorabilia is prominently featured in exhibits in the museum, even if their plaques aren’t (and won’t) be hanging in the Gallery.  I was able to point my boys to Rose’s jersey in an exhibit and explain to them who he was, what he did on the field and the things he did off the field which has kept him from the other side of this great building.

As I walked through the Hall, I thought about whether this is the best way to remember players who had Hall of Fame quality careers but whose involvement with performance-enhancing drugs will likely prevent them from being inducted into the Hall.…

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Do The Yankees Really Need Another Lefty Reliever?

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While this offseason has been mostly an inactive one for the Yankees, one thing they have gone after consistently is cheap pitching depth.  From re-signing Freddy Garcia to another team-friendly one-year deal to taking low-risk flyers on guys like Adam Miller,...

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On Hall of Fame histrionics

Forgive me for deviating slightly from the topic of the Yankees, but with the hot stove cooling down, I figured I would take a look at the current topic du jour: the Hall of Fame voting.  William provided an excellent writeup of the results yesterday that is definitely worth checking out.  As you...

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Is Jorge a Hall of Famer?

There are two groups we have to consider Posada against: Those already enshrined, and his peers during his playing days. Let’s consider those who already made it in as the first test.

Johnny Bench 126 389 0.267 0.342 0.476 0.361 81.5
Carlton Fisk 117 376 0.269 0.341 0.457 0.354 74.4
Gary Carter 115 324 0.262 0.335 0.439 0.341 72.5
Yogi Berra 125 358 0.285 0.348 0.482 0.370 71.4
Bill Dickey 127 202 0.313 0.382 0.486 0.394 63.8
Gabby Hartnett 126 236 0.297 0.370 0.489 0.390 56.1
Mickey Cochrane 128 119 0.320 0.419 0.478 0.411 55.9
Jorge Posada 121 275 0.273 0.374 0.474 0.366 47.6
Roy Campanella 123 242 0.276 0.360 0.500 0.385 43.1
Average BBWAA 123 281 0.286 0.362 0.476 0.376 64.8
Posada’s Rank 7 5 6 3 7 6 8


Looking at the above table (which is made up only of the players who were voted into the hall of fame by the BBWAA, thus excluding Ewing, Bresnahan, Schalk, Ferrell, and Lombardi) we see that Jorge is not in the top echelon, but he fits in the group.…

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Larkin Wins Enshrinement, but Intrigue Rests Further Down the Ballot

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Red's SS Barry Larkin finally got the call from the Hall of Fame.

Barry Larkin was the only player elected to the Hall of Fame, having being named on 86.4% of all...

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