Post-Pineda Trade, Yoenis Cespedes Makes More Sense

Yoenis Cespedes is officially a free agent. The hype on Cespedes has started to settle down, and so has the rumored price. Instead of looking at him as a $50-$60 million player, he may sign in a much more reasonable $15-20 million range. At that price, I think the Yankees would be wise...

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How To Keep The Russell Martin Revival Tour Going

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2011 was an important year for Russell Martin.  After two All Star-caliber seasons for the Dodgers in 2007 and 2008, he was basically cast aside like an old mitt after experiencing serious decline, much of it likely injury-related, in...

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Applying park factors to Pineda

Whenever a pitcher moves from a pitcher’s park to a hitter’s park, there’s a concern about how he’ll adjust. This is definitely the case with Michael Pineda, who’s moving from Seattle’s spacious Safeco to the small confines of the (new incarnation of) the “Big” Ballpark in the Bronx. This post...

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Prince Fielder Worth His Weight (just not in projected WAR)

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Every time a player signs a mega-money deal, there seems to be a very common kneejerk reaction, particularly among saber-friendly analysts. The typical response is to run to for the player’s WAR-based dollar value and then, using projections, conclude that by the end...

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A DH trade that (kind of) makes sense

Dunn, on the other hand, does make a little bit of sense in theory. His 2011 season was awful, but it is just one bad year, so far, and it’s not unreasonable to assume he’ll bounce back from it. He’s only 32 years old, and there’s still something thrilling about the prospect of Dunn playing 81 games a year in Yankee Stadium. And yet, his 2011 season was really awful, (his wRC+ against right-handers was only a 79, and yet it was a whopping 81 points higher than his wRC+ against lefties. Yes, you read that right. How’s that for a platoon split?) and there’s no guarantee it isn’t the beginning of the end for Dunn. Additionally, like Bay and Soriano, his contract is even more problematic than A.J.’s since it runs through the magic year of 2014, guaranteeing Dunn $44 million along the way. I love the Big Donkey as much as anyone, but that’s too much money and too much risk for such a limited role, in my opinion.…

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For Those Who Dissent, Our Fifth Starter Should Be AJ Burnett

Despite all that I’ve found, all that I’ve read, and all the optimistic data I’ve calculated, there is nothing that will make me like A.J. Burnett. Simply put, I strive for consistency, every baseball fan, manager, player, and general manager does; Burnett is as erratic as a starting pitcher gets. You can see...

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