A retired number measuring stick

Yesterday, all of our rooms got a little dusty between 11 AM and noon as Jorge Posada announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. There is no doubt that Posada was a great Yankee. He gave us so many incredible memories and I cannot wait for the day when Jorge is brought...

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214,000,000 Reasons to be Thankful

214 million buys a whole lot of food.

This crazy off-season just got that much crazier. In a move that absolutely no one could have anticipated, the Tigers today shelled out 214 million dollars over nine seasons in signing former-Brewer Read more

JD Drew as a DH option?

The long, tumultuous era of JD Drew in Boston is finally over, and there are rumors that the 36 year-old outfielder is considering retirement.  It is not clear whether the lifetime 127 wRC+ player and whipping boy of the Boston media (Nancy Drew?  Really?) is simply ready to hang his spikes up, or...

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Triple-R: The Bullpen

Any discussion about the Yankee bullpen starts and ends with this man. Courtesy of UPI/John Angelillo.

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Since I did such a bang up job predicting the rotation that...

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