A Look Back at World Series Rematches

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I’m not a big fan of the NFL, at least not the mediocrity and gimmickry that have become its ideals, but in honor of the Giants Super Bowl encore against the Patriots, the table below contains every World Series rematch (same participants within a...

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2012 Will Be a Clarifying Year for Yankee Pitching

I’ve been thinking about the big picture of the Yankee future for some time now. We’ve had a lot of recent developments over the last couple of months that seriously impact how the Yankees are going to compete and try to win for the next 3-6 years. The new CBA, and the $189 million payroll...

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The irony of rotating the DH

I’m a fan of the Michael Pineda trade because even if it risks making the Yankees weaker in four years, it makes them stronger for the next two years, which is about the absolute maximum amount of time the Yankees have before one or more of Alex Rodriguez, Derek...

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Raul Ibanez for DH?

The title of this post is something I never thought I’d write. For years, I’ve talked a lot of junk about Raul Ibanez. He’s overrated. He can’t play the field. He looks like an alien. The former two are reasons why I wouldn’t ever want him on the Yankees. But, (semi) desperate...

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Predictions about the fifth starter

Right around the time A.J. busted out that hair it was clear there was no hope for him 2011.

In one fell swoop last weekend the Yankees went from having a rotation littered with question marks to one that is locked...

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A trade match for Burnett

Travis Hafner

It’s been a long, long time since the days when Travis Hafner and teammate Grady Sizemore were taking votes away from each other in the MVP balloting. From 04-06 he was one of the best young sluggers in the game. But injuries, in...

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