The plot thickens for Yankee DH

I swear, sometimes following the Yankees is like reading a mystery novel. You find yourself piecing together shreds of evidence and jumping to conclusions on who the real killer is, or in this case who the next Yankee is. We all know Brian Cashman operates like a ninja, and for good reason. He can’t let...

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Brett Gardner’s value

Finally the most exciting part of the offseason, salary arbitration, has arrived.  Teams and agents get to place values on cost-controlled players too young to get free agency, and if they can’t reach an agreement, submit their offers to an objective panel of arbitrators.  The Yankees recently have reached agreements with several of their important...

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Playing Around with Comps

A couple of days ago I decided to put my thoughts regarding the Michael Pineda for Jesus Montero deal down on paper and I got a lot of excellent feedback in the comment section. Originally I had no intention to do a follow-up post but an interesting exchange with a commenter, MJ Recanati, left...

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Who is Gerardo Concepcion?

You wouldn't like Gerardo Concepcion when he's angry.

So you’ve heard of Yoennis Cespedes, and you’ve heard of Jorge Soler, but have you heard of Gerardo Conception? He is the latest Cuban player to hit the hot stove news circuit...

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More on Kuroda

Kuroda overlay

What you see there is a fairly simple chart. That’s the overlay of Hirkoki Kuroda’s performance at Dodger Stadium onto Yankee Stadium III. The dark blue dots are home runs. The light blue dots are doubles. The orange dots are fly outs.

Though Hiroki Kuroda is a...

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Charleston looks loaded for 2012

There has been and likely will continue to be a lot of great discussion surrounding the merits of the recent Michael PinedaJesus Montero deal, but I thought I would leave that topic largely alone in this post.  Instead, the less-publicized acquisition of teenage RHP Jose Campos got me thinking...

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