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14 thoughts on “BREAKING: RICH GUY HAS AFFAIR!!!!!

  1. Danrizzle personally thinks that reporting of this stuff serves little or no social function and is downright cruel. Danrizzle would even go so far as to say the principal motivation for this kind of reporting is cruelty.

    That said, if it's going to affect the Yankees, then it's fair game even if I don't like it.

  2. Wow, honestly after reading that article, it could almost retitle this to: "BREAKING!!! CONSENTUAL ADULTS BREAK UP BADLY; WOMAN GETS BITCHY AND TRIES TO RUIN LIFE!" Taping phone conversations, calling his wife (though they were clearly already undergoing separation for their own issues) just to say, apparently, "ha!"

    I mean, seriously, yeah… guy's got some issues with his family, but it sounds like (from the timeline) either the original girl (2009) was the cause of their initial split (2009) or she was him seeing other people when he and his wife were trying separation and this new girl is just, well, a tabloid-selling bitch who latched onto a rich guy and is trying to "get even" when it didn't work out. I'm not saying that's what happened, but it SEEMS that way from the Deadspin article. And I say this as someone who generally took the Deadspin-side of the Farve / Sterger thing…

  3. See, Derek Jeter is the smartest rich person in the world, Hes still single. No one gives him grief when he jumps up and down the list of the Maxim Top 100

  4. Wasn't Cash$ already separated (but not divorced) when this was going on? In that case shouldn't we call this article "single man dates woman"

  5. I don't personally care if Cashman is sleeping with a blow up doll of Pedro Martinez, as long as he keeps producing for the Yanks. And Posada was being a spoiled brat, for refusing to play if he was to bat 9th.

    Really insightful stuff, especially that part about an orange toothbrush and pajama pants. Riveting. Up next? Bernie Williams had navel lint….

  6. BERNIE HAD LINT?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!? Maybe THAT's why they got rid of him so unceremoniously.

  7. The only thing that could make the Brian Cashman affair story interesting is if "Lou" turned out to be Lou Diamond Phillips. Until that happens, I'm not interested. Let him be.

  8. It's never been any great secret that Cashman's a pretty rotten guy, but he's a solid gm and that's all 99.99999% of yankee fans care about

    • "Cashman is a rotten guy" = "A.J. Burnett is mentally unstable"…. seriously?? Unless you know the man in real life why are you posting opinions about what you don't know shit about?