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11 thoughts on “Surprise! Johnny Damon wants too much money

  1. Damon only got one year from the Tigers. He then signed another one-year deal with Tampa last offseason.

  2. Hmmm, I agree that to me, for Damon, $5mm is a lot of money. But considering he may have the 2 years left (at 140 hits per year) to reach 3,000 hits… could you consider this more like a 1 year deal with a vesting option for a 2nd year in an effort to put more butts in the seat for a legitimate chase for 3,000 hits? I don't know, would that actually be worth it for a more-depressed fanbase club?

  3. The Yankees would not be able to offer Damon the at bats he needs to reach 3000 hits as Andrew Jones would take up some as well as aging veterans. Bad match from that perspective.

  4. He is the best fit, but not at that price. $2-3 million base plus incentives would be appropriate. And maybe a one year deal with a mutual option for 2013.

  5. $2-3 million for a DH with no power and an OBP last season of .326? They should bring in Vlad instead. He at least still has the possibility of putting up all-star numbers.

    • I bet in yankee stadium damon still could hit 15 hrs in 300 abs, provide an occasional game at first, right, and left, and be a decent option off the bench when he doesnt start

  6. Damon hit more Homeruns and had a higher OBP than Vlad (.317 last year). Damon to me is a better fit. 2 mill if he wants on the team, take it or leave it.

  7. Damon did have more HRs last season, but he is on a steady decline and doesn't put the fear into any opposing team. Vlad, on the other hand, finished eleventh in MVP voting 2 years ago, and still keeps opponents on edge b/c he is still dangerous. I understand why a lot of people would prefer Damon, but I think Vlad is still very capable of a .300/30/100 line, and Damon can't come close to those numbers.

  8. Damon with Jones/Arod/Jeter, would probably produce at the minimum a .260/30/100 line over the whole season. Aside from counting Arod's and Jeter's absurd contracts for those days they DH, which they'll do more than any of the other regulars, that's a value of less than $10 million. That's pretty damn good and if the Yanks can get that, I'd sign Damon, I'd get his bump up to $3 mil. The problem with that is it kills any funds whatsoever for Chavez, which is dicey considering you won't want Nunez and Pena/Baird playing at the same time if Jeter and Arod, go down at the same time, not so far-fetched at their age.

    • I wouldn't let a utility infielder stop me from signing the other DH I wanted. Especially not Chavez, considering that he's not exactly the ironman by any means.