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5 thoughts on “Girardi: Yankees have talked about Ibanez, Damon, Matsui

  1. Damon would fit nicely, for his clutchiness, bat handling, baserunning, and team spirit.

    Failing that, we should get Rick Ankiel (ignore last year's numbers, I have a good feeling about him). He fields and swings beautifully, and I want him to be a plug in loogy, especially good in National League parks. In the 8th or 9th, he can face a lefty, go to right field for a batter, then face another lefty. Roster flexibility!

      • Wow, ten years is a long time. He can still do it, though it's a question of whether the time has healed his wounded psyche. I'm not divorced from reality nor statistics, but if he were still free and interested, I'd look into a ST invite, a minor league contract. It would make a splendid tale.

  2. If the Yankees are going to go through with this rotating DH role, and it seems they are, wouldn't the most sense be the guy who gives your team the most roster flexibility? If Jones, ARod, Jeter, Tex, and others are going to occupy the DH role for a significant part of the year, you need a guy who can do more than just hit.

    I mean against a David Price, what if Granderson goes down? Sure you shift Gardner to CF but who plays left since Jones will already be at DH presumably? Ibanez and Matsui are far from ideal. Even though Damon still has some legs, he is a defensive liability. Chris Dickerson can give you the defense, but he might get exposes over the course of a full season.

    Seems to me the rotating DH is to get everyone into the postseason healthy, ARod in particular. If ARod is going to be a significant portion of his at bats at DH wouldn't it make more sense to sign a strong backup for him? The only answer I can come up with is bringing back Eric Chavez. He still plays above average defense at third, and is a lefty so he can be the other DH platoon when all the regulars are on the field.