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6 thoughts on “Sherman: Yankees want Chavez, still shopping Burnett

  1. As long as Chavez's DL visit doesn't coincide with A-Rods, I don't mind.

    To your last statement – if the only thing we get out of paying another team to play AJ is Damon – I'll keep AJ. (as ALWAYS, I don't have the numbers, but I imagine AJ will have as much positive impact as Damon. Actually – I see him having more, although that isn't saying THAT much.)

    • Well if Burnett isn’t one of your five best starters, it’s going to be kind of hard for him to be more valuable than someone getting ~300 plate appearances unless that player isn’t very good at all.

      • fair nuff – I still see him starting. Unless he blows up, or Hughes gets it back together. Or Freddy — why did they sign Freddy? that would have given them the 5 mil they're whining about..

          • Yup you certainly nailed that one. But as for the want for Chavez to return, its not that most people really like him so much as they are uncomfortable with the alternative, which is lots of Eduardo Nunez. Nunez obv has some nice upside, but his defense still causes some (myself included) to hold their breath when he throws the ball. Chavez can still provide above average defense at a position that the incumbent starter will most likely see a good portion of his at bats in the DH role.

          • consistency,
            something like that. Good point. But I really didn't see them snagging two other pitchers.

            you win. my bad. ;)