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6 thoughts on “Yankees sign Russell Branyan

  1. Another high strikeout guy, although his lefty power swing is awesome. Tend to agree that he might be done, but for a minor league contract, this is a prudent move. Still would like Damon (or Ibanez) as a more permanent solution. If Chavez isn't resigned, Branyan might have a job here.

  2. I, too, really like it. He seems a more likely fit for the vacant DH role than Damon – yes, he'll strike out a bit, but he'll also offer much more of a power threat…

  3. I really like the move. No risk at all and could be an effective platoon option. Shouldn't effect if they want to bring back Chavez, the two signings aren't mutually exclusive. Chavez would preferably be signed to a minor league deal as well, and battle it out with Bill Hall to be ARods caddy. If they're both on the roster opening day that would be fine with me.