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9 thoughts on “KLaw’s top 100 prospects

  1. I'm curious how this gives us the #10 farm system. Perhaps this is focused on immediate/near immediate impact but 4 on the list from 23 to 83 doesn't seem like a leading farm system. Sounds average to me.

    Hopefully next year Campos is on par with where Vizcaino is now.

    • Well if every team got a totally even share, they'd have less than 4 players in the top 100. So having 4 in the top 83 certainly puts the Yankees' ahead of the median in terms of top prospects.

      • I agree with Steve, though I think your math is right. I would have expected more higher ranked players, but I suspect the Top 10 Overall ranking is based upon the longer term ceiling for their prospects, rather than 2012 rankings.

        • The list isn't broken down by team's the same way Baseball America's always is, but a rough, quick counting shows that Tampa Bay has 6 prospects on the list (3, 12, 63, 84, 87, 88) and were 2nd on the organizational rankings whereas, say, the Cubs came in at 20th (despite trading for the #1 organization's best prospect) with just 3 prospects (36, 89, 95) on the list. The Yankees certainly look closer to the former group than the latter to me.

        • And, by way of further reference, the Nationals have Bryce Harper in the system (whose actually 2nd in Law's ranking, but whatever), and they ranked 21st organizationally. Generally having a deeper system goes farther in most people's organizational rankings than does having one or two elite prospects.

        • This doesn't contain nearly all the information including all of the low ceiling/high probability starters in AAA and the hitting depth that they have in the very low levels. Phelps may not be a top 100 prospect but he is a very useful player in your system and would have certain value in a trade. The top 100 list is all players with high ceilings; that puts a bias if you try and use those rankings to verify the Org. rank. Although it's not quite apples and apples, Noesi (low ceiling high probability) turned into Campos, who will be on this list next year if he has a strong year.