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10 thoughts on “There’s no room for A.J.

  1. One of the better posts regarding Burnetts departure I have read and I agree completely. It isn't about results because 190 innings is terrific out of a 5th starter. Its about the fact that it is overall a bad idea to have him on the team. His presence means we wouldn't be able to give Hughes another shot, or see what we have in DJ Mitchell, Phelps, and Warren, and thats just how he would affect the pitching.

  2. And that's just it. The slight upside that AJ Burnett brings at this stage of his career is compltely outweighed by the headaches and drama he brings, and that was before the Yankees got Pineda and Kuroda.

    • I disagree with that. Other than the poor performance, I don't see what headaches Burnett brought at all. Unless you count having nasty things written by Wally Matthews and Joel Sherman as headaches, which I certainly hope the Yankees do not. There just isn't room for him on the roster now is all, and if someone is willing to take 8 figures worth of salary off of their hands, the Yankees should take them up on it.

      • I don't think Burnett is a bad guy, but there were a couple of incidents of him being unhappy being taken out of a game last year. It didn't blow up, but it might if he lost his rotation spot. I wouldn't agree that it was a lot of drama last year, but it's something to keep in mind in making a decision to trade him.

  3. With Cespedes on the As, and them now having something like a dozen outfielders, I wonder if they have anyone worth trying to snag? (not counting Coco Crisp, of course. please)

  4. Perfectly stated. I happen to be a fan of AJ, and I hate the fact that it really didn't work out. We should all remember that without him, you probably don't win the 2009 World Series (or at least it would have been far more difficult) and he did have some good moments here. That being said, it's a smart business decision to move him and we should all wish him the best wherever he lands. I don't think the media nonsense from the Matthews and Shermans of the world plays into this at all.