Burnett Watch: Tuesday edition

*(Editor’s note: There’s no link to the Heyman tweet because Heyman long ago blocked me on Twitter. That’s not a huge deal, really, because Heyman has blocked everyone from me to Bill Baer to Craig Calcaterra. It’s just what does. But if we’ve reached the point that Heyman is blocking other BBWAA members because he’s an insecure troll/propagandist who can’t handle them calling him out on his lack of professionalism, I think we’ve also reached the point where I’m not going to bother taking 30 seconds to work around the block to grab a link for the tweet.)

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13 thoughts on “Burnett Watch: Tuesday edition

    • FWIW, as I recall he got his panties in a wad because Omar Minaya tried to make a big stunt of flying coach to a game in 2010 and the Mets fans who recognized him booed. He apparently didn't appreciate me noting that it was rather unethical for a professional journalist to be giving the people he covers such a sloppy kiss in public.

  1. Heyman's said 13-15 mil; the mere fact that he's the source undermines the cred of that statement; the fact that AJ is still in pinstripes with that offer on the table just confirms that those numbers are just smoke.

    I can believe that the Yankees WANT that much; I also believe the reports that the Pirates are offering something closer to 10 mil. AJ is currently (afaik) still on the team, so I'm guessing 10 is still the highest offer.

    Or – maybe its really a smokescreen, and we're going to trade AJ for Cespedes. Put that "Moneyball" thing to rest, once and for all. ;)

    • Well there's no pressure to get a deal done as quickly as possible like there is when you've got a hot commodity at the trade deadline or something, so my guess is that everyone is just going to kind of wait it out until Friday or Saturday to see if the other guy tries to make the deal more attractive. It probably won't change much, but there's no reason not to give it a shot.

  2. Maybe I'm a piss poor negotiator, but if the Pirates are going to take on anything north of $10m I make the deal before they change their mind.

  3. Meh, I'm fairly certain they aren't going to do a 180. They clearly want to add a reasonably cheap veteran who can eat some innings and, hard as it might be to believe, Burnett would be a clear upgrade to their rotation at the margins. If there was some sort of alternative they might go to instead I'd worry, but there really isn't, so you can probably rest easy knowing that, worst case scenario, everyone comes to some sort of agreement before Monday.

  4. The Yanks would be on the winning side of the trade if the Pirates only offered a sack of baseballs.

  5. Here’s what I don’t understand: The Yankees are paying Kuroda $10mm this year. The Pirates are excited to get Burnett on a subsidized two year contract during which they will be paying him $10.5-11.5mm per year (assuming the Yankees pick up $5-6mm of his $16.5mm annual). Would you rather have Kuroda or Burnett??? Sounds like the Pirates should have bid for Kuroda in free agency …

    • Nevermind – it’s the other way around – the Yankees will be paying the majority of AJ’s salary and the Pirates will only be paying $5-6mm. I get it now …

      • The Pirates have been turned down by multiple free agent inning eaters this year. Apparently Edwin Jackson would rather sign a 1 year deal for $11 million to not play for them than a 3 yr / $30 million. I believe they were also turned down by Kuroda and Oswalt.

  6. Yanx initially suggest Buccos take on $15 mil. Pirates offer to take on $10 mil. I feel like these always end up in the middle, and are the Yanx really going to quibble about a couple million? Let's call it $12 or $13 million, which I think the Yanx will be happy with since they probably initially expected to have to pay 2/3 or more of the remaining $33 mil. The Buccos will throw in a few minor leaguers not of note. Isn't this the most likely way this plays out?

    • I think the Pirates probably end up somewhere close to the $13-15 million mark with no players of note coming back to the Yankees.

  7. The longer this process drags on the worse I feel. AJ seems like a really good guy, who genuinely likes his teammates and wants to win, despite his mediocre overall performance. Weirdly, I'll be sad to see him go; but he should go, there's no doubt in my mind about that. And thus ends another segment of "listen to Gabe's exhausted brain talk to itself".