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3 thoughts on “DH talks still focused on Damon

    • Damon is better than Ibanez, but is he a better fit? Andruw Jones is going to get the majority of at bats against lefties, and Damon doesn't have much of a split. If the Yankees hadn't signed Jones, I would like the idea of Damon as a full time DH, but now I think I would rather see them obtain a guy who has a more drastic platoon split.

  1. Can't argue with that theory. You'd think JD would have learned after the winter of 2009 that you can't play poker with Brian Cashman. As a baseball executive, Cashman is as calulcating as they come. While Damon might have been well received in Detroit and Tampa Bay the past couple of years, his performance and personality wouldn't have hurt the 2010-2011 Yankees one little bit. And maybe would have made a huge difference in a big spot last October 6.