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12 thoughts on “Camp notes!

  1. jay_robertson

    Why would A.J. NOT go to the Angels? Oh well. If this keeps up, we'll see him in pinstripes next Monday.

    • David

      The manager, the pitching coach, the weather, the time zone, too many Hollywood poseurs who should be supporting the Dodgers but go to Angels games to appear edgy… who knows? 😀

      • jay_robertson

        ok – but compared to Cleveland or PITTSBURG?

        I guess, if he wants a bounce-back year, the Pirates are the team of choice, but I'm not sure how much run support he'd get there…better than Seattle, for sure, but not the Yankees.

        • David

          Hey, I went to school in PIT for 4 years, so if anyone knows "why one doesn't want to go back to PIT from NYC" — it's me! But some people REALLY like it there (I know, weird, right?) and, to be completely fair, the ballpark there is AMAZING. But it could also be that AJ just put on a list of "no- to low-impact teams" — teams where he'd just go in, be a workhorse veteran without expectations or another media center like NYC and just go out and pitch.

          • jay_robertson

            s'cool – I live and work in a "smokestack" town – I guess that's why the idea of beaches and sun always "sounds" appealing in the middle of winter. Even tho every time I go to LA, I never even see the sun until noon.

    • skeaney

      His wife is afraid to fly.

    • ProfRobert

      I wonder if taxes have anything to do with it? California has a 10% rate at his income, while Pennsylvania's is 3%. That's about $2.5 million difference over the two years. Do players get taxed where their "home team" is, or where they live, or something else? I remember some jurisdiction tried a while back to tax visiting players, but I don't recall how that worked out.

      • David

        Someone actually did an article on this a while back (I don't think it was here), but I think it breaks down like it doesn't make a HUGE amount of difference since you can claim "primary residence" somewhere else (e.g. in FL) with no state income tax as you usually need only a majority of time in that location for the year. Then you will be taxed on a pro-rated basis by a per game salary for each location you play in (e.g. 9 days in Massachusets at the MA State Tax rate) since each state needs to get its cut. Granted, you get taxed the most in your home ballpark (81 days) but then you write it off on your current primary residence's state, so it somewhat comes out in the wash.

        That's not entirely correct, but I think that's close enough for the gist. I think they said it ends up being like a <1.0% difference in playing for a non-income tax state or some miniscule number…

  2. Matt

    Yay, Spring Training!

  3. mcmastro

    How about we get rid of the A.J debate for now? Anybody have any ideas what to do with Joba? I wish he would be traded to another team, if only to see how he could pan out as a starter. His trade value is too low for now, but i'd really like to see if he could ever succeed as a starter.

  4. BrienJackson

    "Anybody have any ideas what to do with Joba?"

    Wait and see how his recovery from TJS progresses.

  5. mcmastro

    I mean he's recovered rather quickly, i know he won't be back right away but the Yankees do have a lot of bullpen help and by the time Joba comes back, don't you think they'll have a fair enough estimate of how Hughes/ Garcia are doing?

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