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7 thoughts on “Rumor: Yankees to sign Chavez, Ibanez

  1. Just say no to Ibanez..
    Damon?, maybe…
    in-house platoon?,maybe…
    trade for a Seth Smith type, please!

    Vlad, Ibanez, Drew, and all the broke-down vets need to be passed over. Do not try and get the "dead cat bounce" for the DH when there are much better choices out there.

      • Do you really want to bet on lightning striking three times?

        I like Chavez, but Brien (and Tamara) have a point – what if he trips over a gum wrapper and is on DL for 3 months?

        • What if that happens to Jeter? Believe me, I see and hear your point. But, if the cost is minimal, so is the risk. If he gets hurt, dump him on the 60 day DL and find another body. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

    • The reports that ESPN relayed yesterday suggested that Ibanez can take a couple of days in the field, but that Damon and Matsui are players who should never be fielded; this explains some of the "we want Ibanez" talk, one supposes.

      • The reports suggest the yankees think this, not that its true. Ibanez has been the worst LFer in baseball by +/- from 2008-2010 and thats only gotten worse. He was the worst OFer in baseball last year by UZR. Damon had no reason to play the field for the rays or tigers, options on the bench were better, but in 2009 he posted a poor defense year that was still lightyears ahead of Ibanez last season.

        I refuse to believe that the yankees actually think Ibanez, who will be 40 and is so awful the fans of every team that has acquired him spends their times making animated gifs of his defensive miscues, is a better defender than Damon.

        I think its spin because Ibanez is really cheaper and thats all they care about at this point. Damon could probably be counted on to hit righties next season, he had a reverse split last year but thats not indicative of his career and sometimes shit happens, and we know he can handle lefties. Ibanez is a true platoon DH that will get taken advantage of by LHP and LHRP and we know the Yankees will foolishly play him in the field as they did Thames for 30 games.

        Its already annoying me that we might waste 1 million bux on this schmo with his stupid bald head and bad facial hair. At this point just cut losses and roll with Dickerson or something.