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6 thoughts on “Video: Mariano Rivera talks to reporters

  1. Sure sounds like a guy who is going to retire after this season. Just one more reason for the Yankees to win it all in 2012. Got to do it for Mo.

  2. Yes it does. Of anyone in pinstripes, he's the guy I'm going to miss the most. One mo for Mo.

    • this would be true except that he is barely on the field anyway

      you always miss everyday players more

      But Mo is GOD, no doubt

      • My wife says I'm too argumentative; I try to be good; but….

        Yes – Jeter is out there every day; along with every other position player. Some days he'll do something good – (seemingly) too many times he'll do something bad – ground into another dp, watch a ground ball go by – whatever.

        But afaik, every game has an end; a ninth inning. And every time that inning comes around and the Yankees are ahead by a run or two and facing the heart of the order —

        I WILL MISS MO.

        • Over the past 90 years of Yankee history… from when the run began with Babe Ruth… the Yankees have ALWAYS won about the same percentage of their games leading after 8 innings..

          There is no "spike" in the Rivera -era… because closers are overrated

          I'm not dissing Mo, I'm dissing the position

  3. You know what? Screw it… this is looking to be Rivera's last year, I'm not going to get sucked into silly debates with no right or wrong answer anyway

    I personally can't imagine missing a relief pitcher more than an everyday player, much less Jeter himself, but its a tribute to the greatness and dignity or Rivera that someone could even make the argument

    Hope he has one last epic season in him, followed by a perfect playoff run 1998/1999/2000 style