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5 thoughts on “Camp Notes 2/22

  1. I don't think there is much doubt at this point that Rivera is PLANNING on retiring after the season… but will he follow through when the time comes? I'm not so sure

    It's easy to TALK about retiring, but when the moment comes when you realize you'll never walk on that mound again, hear those cheers, live the life, make another 15 million…. (should have put that one first haha).. it's not so easy

    Favre is of course the most famous recent example, but the truth is he was/is just as much the norm as the exception,,, its very tough to walk away… i'll believe it when I see it

    • quick follow up..

      Rivera has a "good" season… probably it

      "Great" or "Bad" season I think he comes back.. either to keep it going or for redemption

      • Agreed – if nothing else, look at history and the recent great (or semi-great) Yankee pitchers. Both Mussina and Petite left with "something in the tank" – shoot, Moose retired after his first 20 win season. While Andy had injury problems, the team wanted him back. Mo spent a lot of time around those guys – I don't think he'll have any problem walking away.


  2. Eric Chavez with semi-regular playing time? Geez, that wouldn't be good.

    As per Mo, he's gone after this year. He's 42. He wears 42. It's all symmetry. Heck, if he gets 39 saves, he'll end up with 642.