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8 thoughts on “Cashman managing Pineda expectations

  1. Good story Brien. I don't think Harper gets it. I mean everyone who is sane is saying that the deal between Seattle and NY won't be decided for another few years, yet Harper is making the proclamation that if Pineda is not the No. 2 starter by the postseason, then he is not a 'Godsend'. Why is it the NY media hates giving the Yankees time to develop their pitchers?

    In Sherman's blog, he hints that maybe when the Yankees realize Hughes is not a starter, he might be Mo's replacement. Hughes had a tough year last year, but there is such a fascination with the NY media dumping young Yankee starters without giving them a chance to develop. And all it does is create stories that wouldn't be there. It's an obvious agenda to create a storyline, and not actually let a natural baseball process occur.

    Sorry for the rant.

    • Well, to be fair to them re: Pineda, Cashman himself said that he'll have lost the trade if Pineda doesn't develop a useful third pitch. I think that's probably being overly bearish on him (if Pineda could so much as stretch his 2011 performance over 210 innings or so he'd easily represent a very good second starter behind Sabathia, in which case Montero would have to become one of the top 5-7 hitters in all of baseball to present more marginal value as a DH than Pineda), but it is what it is.

      As for Hughes, I think most concerns are fair game when you're coming off an injury like that. Considering the depth behind him, if Hughes doesn't perform better than they think Phelps or Warren could in the same role, I think they could pull the plug on him this year, and I don't know that I'd blame them.

      • I agree about Hughes, and I'm not saying he shouldn't have a fire lit under his butt, though this is just an observation that it seems like the Yankees trying to grow their own starting pitching is treasonous to NY media.

      • The only reason I can see to hanging onto Phil (should he not win the starting spot and actually perform well) would be to avoid yet another Ian Kennedy embarrassment. He got away with that, since he got Grandy in trade. I don't think anyone believes we could get someone that good in trade for Mr. Hughes.

        But I could still see him being a usable starter in another situation.

        • I think Ian Kennedy got better to an extent, but he also benefits from pitching in the NL West. I know Brien and I had our share of arguments about this, but I'm of the opinion that offenses in the NL, especially in the NL West, are fairly sparse and that is before we bring up the lack of a DH.

          The key with Hughes is if he actually did lose his fastball completely and never gets it back to the 92-93 mph range as a starter, he's not going to amount to much, maybe not in the NL. Ian at least had amazing control of his pitches. The problem was you could have a team like the Red Sox foul off a gazillion pitches until he'd make a mistake.

          • I think Ben hit the nail on the head. The biggest key with Hughes should be answered fairly quickly: is his velocity (and ability to maintain) it back. If the answer is no he probably will never reach the goals set for him. If the answer is yes, then the team and hopefully the fans should give him every chance to develop into a starter. Relievers are a dime a dozen. Starters are invaluable. FA salaries and trade values prove it.

        • I don't think so, because I think you sort of answered the "problem" yourself there: they got Curtis Granderson in return for Kennedy. All things considered, given the additions of Kuroda and Pineda, plus the breakout of Ivan Nova, who would you rather have at the moment: another starting pitcher or a centerfielder who clubbed 40 home runs last season?