Andruw Jones, regular DH?

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5 thoughts on “Andruw Jones, regular DH?

  1. williamjtasker

    Plus, he has the best smile in baseball. Ibanez can't top that.

  2. Como se dice, hope springs eternal!

  3. Jerry

    Call me crazy, but I actually have higher hopes for Branyan in the RH DH spot than I do Ibanez. If the Yankees were to cut Raul and another team picks him up, would we only be on the hook for .6 million (Raul's salary minus the league minimum that another team would be paying him)?

  4. Mike C

    Can anyone figure out how Jones hit righties after him mom fixed his stance? I think that was around mid-August.

    • BrienJackson

      You could do it by manually logging his at bats, but the sample size wouldn't be big enough to mean anything.

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