Composite Prospect Rankings

Yesterday, Jeff Zimmerman of RotoGraphs released his composite rankings for the top 100 prospect lists. What we are left with is the average rankings from all 7 major lists, Baseball America,, ESPN, MLB, Project Prospect, Bullpen Banter, and Baseball Prospectus. Although Zimmerman’s purpose is for drafting prospects in fantasy baseball, the composite list indicates a general consensus of rankings. The first three are the usual Bryce Harper, Matt Moore, and Mike Trout, but quickly diverges from there.

Yogi ranks Banuelos #1
  1. Manny Banuelos #16- The Yankee prospects are headlined by Banuelos with a 20.1 composite rank. His lowest placement was from Project Prospect at #8, and highest was from Bullpen Banter at #30.
  2. Gary Sanchez #44- Sanchez’ 52.1 composite rank places him between Ranger’s 3B Mike Olt, and the Cubs new 1B Anthony Rizzo. His lowest rank at #39 also came from Project Prospect, and highest came from Baseball America at #81.
  3. Mason Williams #57- Williams’ composite rank was 62.6, and the sources seemed to either rank him very high or very low. His lowest was #25 by Project Prospect, and highest was #99 by Baseball Prospectus. While William’s stats were impressive in 2011, the systems had such different opinions on him because of the general inconsistencies in lower league numbers.
  4. Dellin Betances #61- The composite rank for Betances was only a few points off from Williams, at 64.7. At his best, Betances ranked #28 on, but as low as #93 by Project Prospect.
  5. Jose Campos #149- Campos was only ranked by one source, Bullpen Banted at #86.

With 165 prospects ranked between the 7 sources, the Yankees landed an average five players overall. Well above average, the team had four players in the top 61, where your typical organization only has two. In what many consider a backwards year for the farm system, the Yankees are still doing very well with their prospects.

For those interested, Jesus Montero ranked #8 overall with an 8.7 composite rank. His highest placement was #4 by Project Prospect, and lowest was #18 by Bullpen Banter.

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  1. In a Baseball America chat, Jim Callis said Campos just missed the Top 100, naming him among a group of ten. So I guess his “composite” should be a bit better.