Nightly Links: Martin, Banuelos, Sanchez

  • According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, who spoke with Russell Martin‘s agent, a three-year extension is being discussed. Jack Curry appears to doubt the news, saying that Martin’s side felt he could earn more in free agency. I am a huge fan of an extension, after Martin’s BABIP took a big hit last season, I expect him to have a much better offensive year. With the Yankees looking to save money for 2014, extending Martin now would help them avoid a bidding war next offseason.
  • Manny Banuelos told reporters today that he planned on improving his fastball command this season. As a prospect, his walk rate is his biggest issue, and he could take big steps if he fixed his major flaw. Of course, it would be cool if he grew a few inches too.
  • Joel Sherman wrote one of those Andruw Jones is in the “best shape of his life” posts today. Jones wants to prove that he is still a viable center fielder, and has lost 12 pounds and plans on losing 10 more by April. Brace yourself, the “best shape of their lives” posts are coming.
  • In non-Yankee news, FanGraphs has compiled the ZiPS ratings for 2012, and added them to player pages. That should be a great tool if you’re curious about a late fantasy pickup or a quick reliable projection.

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