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7 thoughts on “Geico SportsNite: A-Rod discusses health, Kobe

  1. I really enjoyed A-Rod in this presser. And I agree with him that the Yankees will win more games with him as a third baseman than him spending a lot of time at DH.

  2. Read Wallace Matthews' take at espn. Several blogposts about it. What a tool. An out-of-the-closet A-Rod hater.

    • Rich, the thing about the Matthews piece that confuses me is that he states late in his post that the team's best hitter should bat third. He says earlier that Cano is the Yankees' best hitter. But then he says Cano should bat clean up. How confused is that logic?

  3. I come to this blog to intelligently discuss the Yankees, not hear about what a hack has to say. Will, your statement shows how much Matthews doesn't care what he writes, even when he is contradicting himself. He just wants to be controversial against the Yankees, 90% of the time.

    I actually agree with Matthews that putting Arod third would make sense. Though only against left handers, so to break up Granderson and Cano. But you could do that with Tex as well.

    The reality is when you have a 2-5 of Granderson, Cano, Arod and Tex, their order is fairly irrelevant as they are tremendous offensive threats, especially if Arod is healthy.