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5 thoughts on “Mark Teixeira is in the best shape of his life


    What was in the green juice? Who gave him the green juice? How can you let him in the HOF when he admittedly drank green juice??

    • USADA executive Travis Tygart acknowledged that this "green juice" is not officially a banned substance, but feels that is no excuse for Teixeira. "That it is not included on the list of banned substances merely proves once again that baseball's drug testing program is inadequate. The ingestion of a substance Mr. Teixeira openly admits aided him in weight loss in training is clearly unethical. It's a sad day for for the spirit of competition that Mr. Teixeira is free to thumb his knows at clean athletes everywhere safe in the knowledge that baseball will not punish him at all for this transgression."

      • see – there's where I'm out of the loop – I just figured "green juice" was some nasty health drink – like that "Naked" juice my wife is always trying to get down my throat because its healthy.

        so that's code, like the "clear" and "cream?"

        • If we start combining "Naked" and "green" with "cream" and "clear" we're certainly going to be venturing into "Do you like movies about gladiators?" territory verrrrrrrry shortly, if we're not already..