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6 thoughts on “Camp notes: Cano to hit third, Joba throws

  1. I'd go,,,

    …. dh

    Look as much as it's small sample size, we all saw the perils of having arod/tex/swish back to back to back in the middle of the order…

    all three hitters are productive, but all three have holes that can be exploited by good RHP…

    • If Gardner hits well I'd move him to the 1/2 hole, and go Jeter; Gardner; Cano; AROD; Grandy; Tex; Swish; DH; Martin. I really want Grandy's bat in the middle of the lineup, honestly batting cleanup, but I doubt they'd move AROD.

  2. That's the only issue, no need to worry about Gardner, he'll get his share of games up top.. and the DH and martin make for good 7/8 hitters… just need to figure out 3-6

  3. I think people are reacting to what we saw in the ALDS in wanting to switch the order around. What we saw was three steaky hitters (one more severely injured than he let on) slumping at the most inopportune time. And of course you manage the postseason differently than the regular season, especially a five game series against an upstart team that has your number. But let's see how it goes for a month or so before we jump to conclusions. A Rod and Tex may have excellent rebound years.