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9 thoughts on “Bobby V’s schtick a non-starter

  1. It's not just you; he does come off as a buffoon. It's all a bunch of harmless bluster, and frankly he probably said thousands of things to the media that haven't been published, but when he opens his mouth about the Yankees, it's big news. The writers eat this stuff up, and they are the ones generally to bring up the Yanks/Sox stuff. Valentine seems to enjoy talking about it, so I expect many more stories of this kind in the future. None of it matters a bit, though. The appropriate answer when someone asks me what I think of Bobby Valentine is: "I don't."

  2. I completely agree with you that nothing he says matters. I think it's funny though, b/c I remember a few years ago (maybe 5), when he was managing in Japan, and he did an interview on YES, and admitted to being a Yankee fan (not just growing up).

  3. It's all just a desperate attempt to get the Boston die hards to like him or approve of him. "Hey, look at me, i hate the Yankees too! I'm just like you guys!" Sad really

  4. Just more evidence that RedSox made a huge mistake letting Francona go. Looking forward to RedSox finishing 3rd or 4th in the division this year

  5. While I agree with the Jeter response "he must be bored," I disagree with the "What has Valentine done" narrative. Simply on the basis of his first-year turnarounds, he'd be pretty good, no? As well as having a rep from getting the most out of his players who are, let's face it, not spectacular. I, for one, am interested (and not a little afraid) of what he can do with the Red Sox. And, finally, there is something to be said for him basically turning all of the spotlights on him, making the narrative "Bobby V vs. the Yankees" because every time that happens, people AREN'T talking about the collapse, etc. and the Red Sox get back to normal.

    • I wouldn't put much weight behind first-year turnarounds either. It seems to be that many teams accompany the hiring of a new manager with the signing of new players as well. That's not so much the case now with Boston, so…we'll see. I just can't imagine veteran baseball players not getting extremely annoyed with Bobby Valentine. He's not quite Buck Showalter…well, not by a long shot really. But he's still a nitwit.