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12 thoughts on “Montero determined to stick at catcher

  1. I just remember the one time the Yankees put him behind the plate. He DID throw out a guy stealing base. But when the game got to the 8th inning, with a small lead, they pulled him and put in Romine. That tells me enough.

    In my world, I'm more worried about AJ remembering how to pitch; I think there's a better chance of that happening than Montero becoming even an average defensive catcher.

    • AJ will pitch for the Pirates just like he did for the Yankees… the stats will just look better.

  2. Even in Montero COULD be a serviceable catcher, it's clear the Yankees weren't going to give him the chance. So a more accurate comparison would be (whatever Pineda will become) to (Montero as Yankee DH), not (whatever Pineda will become) to (Montero as Seatte catcher).

    • This is a very nice and apt description of the position, I think.

      I also think I sense a little bit of wishful thinking from some of us who hope he does not work out as a catcher for our peace of mind's sake.

      I also don't think Cashman is likely the sort who would regret a trade because of the subsequent performance levels of the players in that trade as opposed to making a judgement at the time of trade about the respective probabilities of the performamce levels of the players involved and living with the possibility that that judgement may not be spot on.

  3. Just read Pineda showed up 10 pounds heavier than last season…hope there are no red flags there.

    Would hate to find out that he is as "under motivated" as we were told Jesus was at times. Tho that could also explain why Seattle was so happy to trade…

    • Well, there haven't been any whispers about his weight. People did note that he was big, and that he wanted to lose some weight, but there weren't any "the Yankees are unhappy he showed up out of shape" rumors.

      And as far as work ethic goes, all I've read is people raving about the amount of work he's put in to improving his changeup over the offseason.

      • Awesome. Everything I'd read up til today was what you said. Then again, I read it in the Post, from King – so I guess I need a few grains of salt.

        Thanks for calming me down. As little as I valued Montero as a catcher, I still didn't want to trade him for a box of rocks.

  4. Seattle has the time and lack of immediate expectations to give Montero a chance to catch. For better or worse that is a luxury he wouldn't have given the expectations and scrutiny the Yankees play under. I want to see where the trade goes since it seems to be value for value and need for need at this point before passing hard judgement.

  5. Just because he WANTS to catch doesn't mean he can. Also, as we've seen with a lot of great hitting catchers, they usually are moved in order to preserve their career, even guys like Posey and Mauer are already being considered for moves. He will eventually end up at 1B or DH as long as he continues to hit.

  6. Seattle isn't going anywhere, so they can let the Jesus Catch 120 games. Even if he has 40 PB and 40 errors, if he hits 40 bombs, everyone on the West Coast will be happy.

    I was a big fan and really wanted to see Jesus bat for the Yankees, but an elite pitcher is more important to the Yankees then an elite batter.

    The other thing is Mauer is already breaking down, and is getting ready to be moved to 1B. Frankly, I think average sized Catchers have a better chance and staying healthy.

  7. Think about how Mariners' fans must have felt reading the Olney piece about Pineda's change.