TYA Roundtable: Sleeper Prospects

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. Here are the guys that we think are flying under the radar a bit:

E.J. Fagan: Sleeper: Jairo Heredia:

I’m digging very deep here, but I think there’s some latent potential in RHP Jairo Heredia. He was the right-handed Manuel Banuelos before there was Manuel Banuelos. Heredia has the tools to be an effective major league starting pitcher: good control, strong secondary pitches, and a delivery that often earns praise from scouts. He had his prospect status stripped from him due to a series of injuries, include two nasty ones to his shoulder. He’s only 21 years old, and was quite effective in limited duty last season, with a 9.1 K/9 against a 2.1 BB/9. If Jairo can stay healthy for an entire season, he’ll shoot up rankings real quick.… Click here to read the rest

The IIATMS Top 30 Prospects

I’m going out on a limb a little bit here because a) everyone else ranks Manny Banuelos as the best prospect in the system, for understandable reasons, and, b) Sanchez’s stock is down after an up-and-down season at Low-A Charleston, but I’m still a big believer in Sanchez’s potential, and think he represents the best mix of high ceiling talent with the potential to reach that ceiling at the top of the system. Sanchez displays advanced power and patience for a hitter his age, but he does struggle with breaking balls, and struck at a rate of slightlthan once every four at bats. That’s not good even for a hitter with the power and discipline combination Sanchez has shown, but I’m banking Sanchez will learn to better handle non-fastballs as he moves up the minor league ladder and gets an opportunity to adjust his swing a bit. Much like Montero, Sanchez displays dubious skills behind the plate, as his strong arm is held back by his very poor receiving.… Click here to read the rest

Nightly Links: Williams, Dickerson, Old People

  • Over the weekend, Anthony McCarron of the Daily News had a great piece on Mason Williams. The article goes into detail about his upbringing, but also has a quote from Williams saying that he’s gained a considerable amount of weight during the offseason. While I hope this has an impact on his power, his work ethic stands out even more.
  • Cliff Lee once said the Yankees were too old for him, Mike Axisa talked about the aging stars on the 40-man roster, coming to the conclusion that it would take a lot more than injuries to the older guys to create a disaster this season.
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Is It Time for the Yankees to Extend Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson?

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

Add Ryan Zimmerman to the list of young superstars who have opted for long-term security over free agency. The 27-year old third baseman recently signed a $100 million, six-year extension that will take effect in 2014, keeping Zimmerman in the nation’s capital until at least the end of the decade. Although all long-term deals come with significant risk, the deal’s average annual value of just under $16 million (which is discounted because of a $10 million personal services deferral) could wind up being a relative bargain for the Nationals, especially when you consider the paucity of top flight third basemen.

Ryan Zimmerman and the Nationals have shaken hands on a new $100 million contract extension. (Photo: AP)

By signing Zimmerman to a long-term deal, the Nationals not only locked up their young third baseman for the next eight-years, but also prevented 29 other teams from having a chance to woo him.… Click here to read the rest

TYA 2012 Combined Top-20 Yankee Prospects

Who are the top Yankee prospects in the farm system? Normally, I would provide a spring re-ranking around this time of the year. But let’s be honest: there’s not going to be much difference from my fall list. So, to keep things interesting, we here at TYA decided to do what we do best and give you a wide array of learned opinions. Matt, Michael, Brad, Alex, Domenic, Eric and I all ranked our top-20 Yankee prospects.

We’ll also be posting a round table discussion about various prospect questions throughout the week.

Below are those rankings, with the combined average ranking in the far-right column:

Some interesting contrasts:

  • The Top-6 was pretty consistent, with all of Bichette, Williams, Sanchez, Banuelos, Betances, and Campos appearing in 6 of 7 ranking in one order or another. Brad was the only exception, and clearly is not a Bichette believer, ranking him 19th.
  • Angelo Gumbs turned out to be a highly controversial prospect. He appeared in the top-12 on three rankings, including #8 in Domenic’s rankings, but did not appear at all on 3 of 7 rankings.
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