May 29, 1995

The 1995 season was only a little more than a month old when the two teams met. The last major labor dispute in Major League Baseball had just ended on April 23, delaying the start of the season. Baseball fans were still angry that the stoppage had killed the 1994 season after 113 games, leading to the cancellation all of post season baseball. After a long drought without playing in the post season, Buck Showalter’s Yankees had the best record in baseball when the game shut down in 1994.

Under Lou Piniella, the Mariners were in second place in the AL West. The Mariners would battle the Angels all season before finally winning the division by a single game. Their superstar, Ken Griffey, Jr., missed much of the season due to injury and he was not in that Memorial Day lineup. After so much promise in 1994, the Yankees were off to a slow start in 1995. On May 29 of that season, the Yankees were only 13-14 and were four and a half games behind the division leader.… Click here to read the rest

Nightly Links: Martin, Flores, Pineda

  • Mike Newman at FanGraphs covered under-the-radar prospect Ramon Flores today. Newman finds the 19 year old’s plate discipline his most outstanding tool, and boasts about his baseball IQ.
  • We already knew that Pineda planned on devoting his preseason to his changeup, but now we learn that he’ll be under the wing of CC Sabathia. Sabathia stated that the most difficult part of throwing a changeup is to have confidence in it when you have other overpowering pitches.

Enjoy your weekend!… Click here to read the rest

More prospect lists released

Prospect Week is nearly here, and the Internets have been kind enough to share some more assessments of the Yankee farm system with us.  Once again, we get some interesting and differing perspectives on the Yankee farm that illustrates the lack of consensus about the ranking of the top prospects in the Yankee farm, and how they fit in with the best prospects in the minor leagues.  We have lists from two sources that are thought of as being more statistically focused, though the rankings don’t necessarily seem to reflect that bias.

John Sickels over at SBN’s Minor League Ball posted his top 120 prospects list today, which included 4 Yankees, and 2 more that just missed.  John has been writing about prospects for a while, but this is the first time that he posted a combined top prospects list (previously he made separate top 50 lists for hitters and pitchers).  Although I don’t always agree with John, I do appreciate how transparent he is about his thought processes relative to other writers, and also his willingness to critique himself when looking back at his old lists.… Click here to read the rest

Completing a Bullpen


Yesterday we heard that David Aardsma had signed a one year deal with the Yankees, along with an option for 2013, a deal that will play him at least $500K to rehabilitate following elbow surgery last year. We also heard that Joba Chamberlain was throwing off a mound and that Joe Girardi expects him to contribute in 2012. There was also news late last week that Hideki Okajima had failed his physical and would not be joining the team.

Despite possessing one of the best bullpens in baseball, led by Hall of Fame closer Mariano Rivera, David RobertsonRafael Soriano, and Boone Logan, the Yankees have spent this off-season stockpiling talent in the relief core in hopes of spurring competition and building depth throughout the organization. Yet today, approximately a week from the start of spring competition, little seems up in the air. Rivera, Robertson, Soriano, Logan, and whoever loses out on the fifth spot in the rotation, whether it be Phil Hughes or Freddy Garcia, seem guaranteed roster spots.… Click here to read the rest

Russell Martin v. The Free Agent Market

The 2013 free agent market projects to be one of the richest in years. A team like the Yankees can find a plethora of young starting pitchers, outfielders, and catchers who could draw Cy Young or MVP votes. Russell Martin is on his way to free agency, which means the team will have yet another position to replace. Though one of their strongest organizational positions is catching, the team’s only immediate option in 2013 appears to be Austin Romine. News of an extension proposal to Russell Martin sheds evidence that the front office doesn’t view Romine as an everyday catcher. Assuming the Yankees would like a hand in offering pitchers like Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, or Zack Greinke a contract, and considering that team is looking at a budget in 2014, the free agent market is a tough place to find a catcher on a team friendly contracts, and their best option may be to offer Martin an extension now.… Click here to read the rest