Standardizing The Top Yankee Prospects

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One of the best things about the end of offseason/beginning of Spring Training period in baseball is the annual release of everyone’s top prospects lists.  Whether you’re Keith Law and your list is highly anticipated or you’re just Joe Schmo who follows the goings on of the farm system closely, it’s always nice to forget the perils of prospect hugging for a few minutes and take stock of the best the farm system has to offer.  Everybody evaluates players differently, everybody values certain prospect traits more than others, and everybody has a couple of guys that they inexplicably like or dislike more than others, so it’s always fun to see how all those differences add up.

To extend the fun a little longer, I wanted to come up with a way to take all the various lists that are out there right now and create one standardized top 10 for the current crop of Yankees prospects.… Click here to read the rest

Reiterating a point about the Post Mo-dern world

It seems that every day we’re inching closer and closer towards the end of the Mariano Rivera era. He may not have officially said that he’s going to retire, but the things he said when reporting to camp the other day sure make it seem that way. I have written about this issue twice in the past year, once in February of 2011 and once in November of 2011 and though I’ll probably cry when Mo retires, my outlook towards the Rivera-less future has been slightly less bleak than I thought it would be.

I feel that way because the Yankees do seem set up to succeed, closer wise, even after Mo retires. Just look at possible/probable internal candidates, the Yankees would be lined up to have one of Rafael Soriano, Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, Phil Hughes (though I hope he’s not a candidate to do this ’cause he’s doing his thing in the rotation), and now David Aardsma take over for Rivera when he goes.… Click here to read the rest

Nightly Links: Aardsma, Rivera, Arod

  • The big news today revolved around the signing of ex-Mariner closer, David Aardsma. Though Aardsma won’t return to playing until midyear, the major league contract guarantees him a spot on the roster for a $500k base salary plus incentives, as well as a team option in 2013. He’ll be equivalent to a trade deadline addition, without having to trade a prospect.
  • LoHud gathered a quote from Joe Girardi today, talking about how Phil Hughes looks in camp. He believes this year’s conditioning has allowed Hughes to throw the ball with more arm speed, with more ease, and with a crisper curveball.
  • Larry Koestler at River Ave Blues described the changes that Brooks Baseball is making to their Pitchf/x data. While Brooks is always the most current source of data, it fails at classifying many pitches, and makes it very hard to trust research that I’ve done. As someone that’s attempted to look at Ivan Nova‘s slider data, this update will finally fix this misclassified pitch, and Koestler attacked this right away.
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