Standardizing The Top Yankee Prospects

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod) One of the best things about the end of offseason/beginning of Spring Training period in baseball is the annual release of everyone’s top prospects lists.  Whether you’re Keith Law and your list is highly anticipated or you’re just Joe Schmo who follows the goings on of the farm system closely, it’s always nice to forget the perils of prospect hugging for a few minutes and take stock of the best the farm system has to offer.  Everybody evaluates players differently, everybody values certain prospect traits more than others, and everybody Continue reading Standardizing The Top Yankee Prospects

Reiterating a point about the Post Mo-dern world

It seems that every day we’re inching closer and closer towards the end of the Mariano Rivera era. He may not have officially said that he’s going to retire, but the things he said when reporting to camp the other day sure make it seem that way. I have written about this issue twice in the past year, once in February of 2011 and once in November of 2011 and though I’ll probably cry when Mo retires, my outlook towards the Rivera-less future has been slightly less bleak than I thought it would be. I feel that way because the Continue reading Reiterating a point about the Post Mo-dern world

Russell Martin wants to get paid

Via John Harper, though the Yankees broached the topic of a multi-year deal with Russell Martin over the winter, the two sides were not particularly close in terms of what they were looking for. “‘They made a first proposal,’ [Martin] said. ‘It didn’t make sense to my agent , so he hasn’t gotten back to them.'” Not exactly a ring endorsement for the prospects of having a deal done before Martin can file for free agency after this season, and that’s just fine with me. Continue reading Russell Martin wants to get paid

Nightly Links: Aardsma, Rivera, Arod

The big news today revolved around the signing of ex-Mariner closer, David Aardsma. Though Aardsma won’t return to playing until midyear, the major league contract guarantees him a spot on the roster for a $500k base salary plus incentives, as well as a team option in 2013. He’ll be equivalent to a trade deadline addition, without having to trade a prospect. LoHud gathered a quote from Joe Girardi today, talking about how Phil Hughes looks in camp. He believes this year’s conditioning has allowed Hughes to throw the ball with more arm speed, with more ease, and with a crisper Continue reading Nightly Links: Aardsma, Rivera, Arod

Spring Training chat tomorrow

We haven’t done a live chat since the 2011 season ended, but with pitchers and catchers in camp already and full practices about to start what do you say we waste some time and talk baseball tomorrow afternoon? Come by at 2:00 P.M. and discuss all things Yankees. Unless you’d rather just be productive at work, that’s cool too. Well, not really, but I don’t judge. Continue reading Spring Training chat tomorrow

Camp Notes 2/22

Derek Jeter arrived for camp today, but the news he made was all about Mariano Rivera. Jeter claims to know what Mo has decided to do with regards to next season, but he wasn’t sharing the knowledge with reporters. Call me pessimistic, but that makes it sound like Mo is leaning towards retirement, doesn’t it? Here’s some other notes from camp for you to enjoy while I go worry about that:

  • When last we saw Ivan Nova, he was leaving Game 5 of the ALDS early with a strained forearm. Today he told reporters his arm feels 100%, and that there’s no residual discomfort from the injury. So that’s good.
  • On Sunday, general manager Brian Cashman admitted that the Yankees “conceded” the division title to the Rays back in 2010. Today, however, field manager Joe Girardi disagreed with his boss’s interpretation. Though Girardi is really just disputing the choice of wording, as he’s admitting there were starters on the team with some nagging injuries and that the team prioritized nursing those wounds over going all out for the A.L. East crown.
  • Finally, Joel Sherman speculates that Eric Chavez could be serving the role of semi-regular third baseman this year to allow Alex Rodriguez to DH more often. Call me crazy, but I think that’s a terrible idea. It’s one thing for Chavez to get playing time as a back up or if A-Rod gets hurt, it’s quite another thing to be planning to give him regular playing time. On the one hand, there’s the fact, apparntly forgotten in many quarters, that Chavez is one of the most fragile players in the game, and is probably the best bet on the entire team to spend significant time on the disabled list. On the other hand, there’s the fact that Chavez just isn’t much more than a replacement level player at this point in his career, espeially with the bat.

Continue reading Camp Notes 2/22