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3 thoughts on “Lineup for today’s game

  1. If there is ever a regular season game in which Ibanez bats above Swisher in the lineup, I will honestly never believe that Girardi is fit for his job again. [Unless Swisher is nursing a sore wrist or something like that.] I know that the difference in win expectation is infinitesimal in the grand scheme of things, but there is at least the possibility that Ibanez would pop up to end the game with Swisher in the on deck circle. I am not generally one to overreact to this kind of thing, but to put the team at (even a very slight) disadvantage, where it is obvious and eminently avoidable, cannot be excused.

    • So you are worried that Ibanez might make the last out just like Swisher struck out to end the 7th inning in game 5 last year against the Tigers?

  2. That said, I'd love to watch the game today to see Warren pitch. I never caught any of his games last year.