Nightly Links: Garcia, Playoffs, No-hitters

  • Remember that bid the Yankees made on Adonis Garcia yesterday? It was a big fat lie, that or a misunderstanding. It doesn’t surprise me, the team is much better suited to bid on Jorge Soler when the time comes.
  • The 10 team playoff is now official. As much as I dislike the MLB’s decision, they went a step further to piss off fans like me. The division series will now start at home for the team with the worse record. Assuming the same as last year, this means the Tigers would start the ALDS with two games at home, and the Yankees would finished with three games at home. This also means that the team with the better record will only play one home game, assuming a sweep.
  • Co-founder Larry Koestler wrote about the history of Yankee no-hitters at River Ave Blues. I’d like to boldly predict that Michael Pineda throws the next Yankee no-hitter.
  • And of course, today’s workouts. Notice there weren’t many? Thats because the team played a game against the South Florida Bulls. All the positional starters got at bats, excluding Cano and Martin. Almonte had a huge game with four RBI’s and a triple. (I know its early, but he’s my sleeper pick for spring training.) Eduardo Nunez and Ramiro Pena also tripled, finishing off the Bulls in an 11-0 victory.
  • We finally have televised baseball tomorrow! Catch the Yankees playing the Phillies (Nova v. Hamels) at 1:05 pm EST on the MLB Network or

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4 thoughts on “Nightly Links: Garcia, Playoffs, No-hitters

  1. I’ve thought since he was signed that Sabathia would get the next Yankee no-no. He was extremely close last year, if not for the rain I still believe he does it, though we’ll never know. Pineda is a very good pick because of his stuff, but I’ll stick with CC for now.

  2. As good as CC was last year I believe he also posted a career worst BA against him. If he throws as well as he did last year and has even average luck, I could definitely envision him throwing a no no.

    One year of Pineda pitching in the AL West isn’t enough for him to be overtaking CC in this department. Lets wait and see what he does in his second year in a much more offense oriented division.

    • One year in the AL West has nothing to do with a no hitter. Edwin Jackson, AJ Burnett, Matt Garza, and Mark Buerhle all have no hitters and none are even close to CC. I personally still go with CC, but I can certainly see going with Pineda. His stuff is better than CC’s now, CC’s the better pitcher, Pineda’s is just more explosive and his slider is much more crisp. Give him one good day vs a team like Tampa or the A’s, he could easily throw a no hitter as soon as this year. When you have stuff like that any game could be a no-no, which is why AJ has one.

  3. I was at the game where CC had the perfect game going into I think it was the 7th. He was untouchable until that first rain delay. He wasn’t the same for the rest of the season after that game.