Spring Training Game 2: Nova, Killer B’s, Sanchez

It’s here, televised baseball. While it might not feel the same, it’s a milestone. Weather is changing, spring is coming, everyone loves Arod again, and real baseball is only a few weeks away. For now we get to watch the guys we haven’t seen in months take bats, and the guys we’ve never seen at all shutout Jimmy Rollins. The weather might not indicate it, but today feels a little closer to summer, a little closer to summer baseball.

Today’s Starters
Yankees Phillies
Brett Gardner LF Jimmy Rollins SS
Curtis Granderson CF Shane Victorino CF
Nick Swisher RF Hunter Pence RF
Raul Ibanez DH Jim Thome DH
Eric Chavez 1B Ty Wigginton 3B
Russell Martin C John Mayberry Jr. 1B
Eduardo Nunez SS Domonic Brown LF
Bill Hall 2B Erik Kratz C
Jayson Nix 3B Michael Martinez 2B

On the mound we have Cole Hamels v. Ivan Nova.

David Phelps, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, Cesar Cabral, and Michael O’Connor are all scheduled to pitch and Chase Whitley, D.J. Mitchell, Juan Cedeno and Clay Rapada are all available. On the bench we have Gary Sanchez, Jorge Vazquez, Corban Joseph, Ramiro Pena, Brandon Laird, Chris Dickerson, Dewayne Wise, Cole Garner, and Justin Maxwell.

Can’t wait to see the regulars return, as well as Betances and Banuelos. We might even see Gary Sanchez off the bench! You can catch the game 1:05pm EST on the MLB Network or MLB.tv. Enjoy!

Big thanks to Chad Jennings for the details.

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12 thoughts on “Spring Training Game 2: Nova, Killer B’s, Sanchez

  1. I like what I’m seeing from Banuelos so far. Can’t tell velocity, but he’s moving the fastball around and showing a good change. Haven’t seen any curveballs yet.

    • I saw a healthy amount of curves, they had good break but he couldn’t command them very well, I think that is the pitch he really has to get consistent with.

      • It tends to get pretty loopy on him from time to time. If he cleans that pitch up he’s got a starters repertoire, the command just has to get better.

  2. Betances is in. Nice movement on the fastball, but has no idea where it’s going right now. Gary Sanchez catching him probably isn’t helping matters either.

      • Its that back leg, you could tell when his pitch was a strike (back leg was slightly straighter, more rigid) and when he was going to airmail it. He needs balance training.

        • He’s 6’8 and has no idea what his mechanics are suppose to feel like, he’s going to need to rapidly improve that to be anything more than a back end starter with good stuff and bad command.

          You can see how eletric his stuff is, it just leaps out at you, but that’s the control you can see with him. He just loses his mechanics really easy, and he has a hard time being consistent inning to inning, which is why some people suggest he should be a pen guy.

          • I disagree i think he has an idea what his mechanics should be but as I said its his back-leg collapsing which I could see several times through his inning that he would end up straightening out. (when he threw a strike, you can see the leg as it should be)

          • When he’s right, Betances lower half should look similar to tim lincecum’s legs when he’s driving because of the relatively long stride he takes compared to his body. But it also contributes to the back leg folding before it needs too

          • He knows what his mechanics should be but he doesn’t have a feeling for, which is why he loses his mechanics so easily in games, and why he has a hard time finding them again. It’s one thing to know what you’re suppose to do, it’s another to know what it feels like to do it right. I think Dellin is likely to always be very Burnett like in his control. When he’s on he can be awesome, when he’s not look out.