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20 thoughts on “Cashman clarifies what austerity means

  1. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. Swisher will be gone. That seems to be for sure. But as you say, can they really say no to Hamels? The one guy I'd hate to lose is Granderson. He sure is fun to watch and his smile alone is worth a million bucks.

    • They've got ~50 million reasons to say no to Hamels. The question will be whether the local media continues to be sympathetic to them, or whether they start rabble-rousing next winter. I sort of think it will be the latter, because right now it seems like they don't really understand what's going on. Most writers seem to be focused on the luxury tax rather than the revenue sharing refunds, which is what's really in play here. The luxury tax is a pittance, the revenue sharing refund is $40-50 million straight into ownership's pockets.

    • I don't anticipate Granderson getting a new contract because of his age and the fact that Gardner can easily slide over into centerfield (plus Mason Williams will be coming up sometime in 2014-15 barring a setback).

      • I really hate the idea of letting Granderson go. Does anybody see a way they could keep him? maybe a backloaded deal or something?

        • The luxury tax is calculated with AAV, so that wouldn’t make a difference.

          Honestly, more than even the payroll issue, I think the fact that Granderson will be 33 years old in 2014 and that, if everything goes well, Mason Williams will be on the cusp of the big leagues will have as much to do with the decision as anything. Not that I don’t like Grandy, but I certainly wouldn’t want to invest in his decline years if I had a highly thought of prospect in the system ready, or nearly ready, to take over the spot for the league minimum if it were my call to make.

  2. That's why I'm thinking more and more that next season, after they let Swisher walk, they move Jeter to the outfield. That gives them the opportunity to get a cheap shortstop to replace his glove – far cheaper than trying to find an outfielder.

    • I'd be very surprised if the shortstop wasn't more expensive than a comparably valuable corner outfielder.

      • That might be, if we went shopping outside for one. I think in the interest of the budget, though, we'd end up doing a Pena/Nunez thing – at least for that one year.

        • Why not, say, Chris Dickerson? Wouldn't be much more expensive, and would yield a much more positive on field contribution than moving Jeter to right field and having Nunez play short on a regular basis.

        • I can't watch Nunez in the field, 162 errors in a season would be unbearable to watch

  3. These guys are the sons of Steinbrenner, not Steinbrenner (God rest his soul)…. They are not going to give MLB 50 million dollars because they go over 189 million. The amount of revenue and profit they would have to make up for doing that would be absurd. Expect the Yankees at 189 for sure… However have hope…lots of our older guys are going to be falling off the books… And that will open up space…. Additionally I think it's a good thing. MLB baseball has beaten up on the Yankes for so long, saying they spend to much money etc… Well now they are going to get their wish… Let's see how they like us spending less… And for all the teams that complained about the Yanks spending…let's see how they like it as well… MLB and these teams lived off Yankee free money for a long time… Oh yeah, let's not forget the Yanks still have a farm system and everyone in the world wants to be a Yankee…We'll be fine….

  4. I think there is an easy way to "free up" several million dollars for the 2014 season that people aren't seeing…

    It's AAV right? We're all assuming Jeter will pick up his 2014 option because he's a "tear the uniform off" type of guy… I love that about him, not complaining at all, but instead of picking up his option, how about a new deal?

    Interesting hypothetical… Hal Steinbrenner has a sit down with Jeter after the 2013 season, they have a very "real" discussion about the finances, and hal offers jeter chance to rip up his option and instead sign something like a 2 yr. 10 million offer or 3 yrs… 12 million

    Jeter gets the benefit of extra years of security, the yankees make it easier on themselves to reach this 2014 target… the obvious downside is he'll be 40, 41 years old…. but at 4 or 5 million a year, i mean it is DEREK JETER.. that contract pays for itself

    i think this makes a lot of sense for everyone involved…

  5. If the Yankees are absolutely committed to 189 million or less in 2014, shouldn't they let Grandy AND Cano go (assuming both would require big multi-year deals), and instead sign Cole Hammels. This would make the team obviously a lot better in 2013, still allow them to make payroll in 2014, and make them better from 2015 onwards (when Grandy and Cano's decline may be starting, and the Yankees can start another spending spree).

  6. No way can they afford Granderson on a contract after next year. My hope is that he puts up a career year this year and is traded for top prospects. Even his option, 13 million, next year, is fairly expensive. Cano is a must keep and he has to stay though.

  7. Losing Granderson is bad enough, now everyones commenting about losing Cano, damn. They're only 1.5 years apart in age. So the logic is: let Granderson go because of his age, but keep Cano long term even though Cano will be 1.5 years away from at the same age.

    I think we need to wait and see who brings more value to the team in the 2012 and 2013 seasons since Cano and Grandy are too close in age to let that be the deciding factor.

  8. Your all talking crazy. Granderson is not going anywhere. Swisher is a maybe. If you think for one minute this "budget talk" all is not smoke and mirrors then think again. The Yankees are tired of setting the mark for high priced players and just want to bring slary's down to a reasonable level is my guess.. If the Yankees Can't spend money who can? Also a smarter move, like they did with AJ, is to same a quick 18 or 36 million, and eat salary on Teixeira the over rated pop up artist who is playing first base for us. Teixeira was the 2nd worst hitter in BASEBALL in 2011, with men on base. The 2nd worst. And your all talking about dumping Granderson who hit 40 plus HRS, and was an MVP candidate last year. Teixeira is the one not worth near what he is getting. His HRS and RBI's are off of back end pitchers, and middle relievers and inning eaters on every bad team we play. Tex has to go!! Not Granderson. Wake up!

  9. they haven't raised payroll in 5 years. with the new stadium their revenues must have doubled. all of a sudden not spending money is an absolute joke. how come no one seems to care?

  10. They are making bucks in the new Stadium. They have raised ticket prices twice now. Hal will spend money when he has to. The new tax is prohibitive but if he is going to put fannies in the seats he has to have star players, not just kids. He is going to have to keep Cano and possibly Granderson to pick up aging A Rod and Jeter and no hit Tex. Soriano and Jeter will be gone soon. Swisher and Garcia will be gone after this year. Right there, Hal will be saving over 30mil. Mo is going too and that is another 15mil. Hal is still going to raise ticket prices and beer prices so 189 better not be a firm number.