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5 thoughts on “Mark Newman on Mason Williams’ increased power

  1. I know – this is actually more Larry's department – but…

    Is it possible – especially when one is in the lower minors, to <possibly> do evil, steroidal type things to rapidly build up mass and muscle, without the being tested or caught? I would imagine he'd have to stop whatever he might hypothetically be doing now that he's back stateside, but 26 pounds in a few months? And none of those pounds looking like Barto or Joba pounds….(or – Jay pounds, for that matter.)

    I'm all for it – I would like all of our players to turn into studs; as long as no one gets caught, I'm fine with it. But I sensed a strong unspoken undercurrent above.

    • That would be pretty unlikely in the minor leagues, given their stringent drug testing procedures (remember, minor leaguers don't have a union representing their interests, and are at the mercy of MLB directives). Far less likely than a skinny teenager packing on muscle as he worked with professional strength coaches and professional nutritionists with the specific goal of putting on muscle and adding strength.

      • ok – I'd just assumed (my bad) the opposite – that anything goes in the minor leagues.

  2. Right. And remember, he's not, say, a college football player who has limits placed on the amount of time he can spend in the weight room and with the coaches, especially in the offseason. He's a professional baseball player who can spend the winter at the team's facility and dedicate as much time to working out with the strength and conditioning staff as his heart desires.

  3. Remember his Dad played in the NFL as well so he likely has a frame that can put on some added weight.