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9 thoughts on “On Pineda’s (lack of) velocity

  1. Sherman pointed out that Pineda did not play Winter ball this year unlike last year. I bet that is the reason he has yet to flash his good heater.

    • For what it's worth, I read somewhere (blanking on exactly where) that almost no pitcher comes into camp at full velocity. It makes sense, as people need time to build up their arm strength, and should be focusing on control and getting re-acquainted with their catcher during the first few weeks, so I wouldn't be too worried.

      My guess is that we're all a little nervous after what happened to Hughes last season. As Brien said, this is not something to worry about until later in Spring Training, and maybe not even then–I'll only really get worried if one of the Yankee coaches addresses it as a problem.

  2. Everyone seems so anxious to pick this guy apart. I'm starting to feel crazy for thinking he'll be fine and will win 15+ games for us.

  3. We are a culture of Chicken Littles, aren't we? That and vultures who look for opportunity to pick apart any person at the first sign of weakness.

    Also, we're penguins…because…I'm looking for a reason to keep this avian-themed rant going.

  4. Hughes' velocity problem was also because his pitches had little movement. That was a deadly combination. Did not see the big guy pitch yesterday, but, geez, it was his first start and only two innings.