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7 thoughts on “How much do these games mean?

  1. Agreed. They mean nothing and remind me of the years when George would blow a gasket over the Yankees' spring record. If these games meant anything than Derek Jeter is going to pound every ball into the ground at an infielder. Wait…

  2. I know, I know.

    And will have to keep repeating that mantra – since seeing that Phil threw 38 pitches without getting out of the 2nd inning – even tho its "not important," that is also what he was doing last year.

    Lord willing, he will improve. If not – you can be glad the Yankees "wasted" $5 mil on Freddy. (who also didn't look that good, but he NEVER looks good.)

  3. We can't look at these games as "games," but rather as practices–not only do the results not matter, but in some ways it's better to see a bunch of mistakes now, so we can know how to deal with them.

    • I know. FWIW, you wouldn't want to see or hear me when I'm trying to work out a new solo or lick either – but as you've all said, there are things that you can look at, that don't show up in the box or media reports. I sure HOPE Phil was just working on something, and not struggling to get someone out.

      In a month or so, we'll know which it is.

  4. NYY 2009: 24-10 (1st).

    NYY 1998: 15-12 (7th)
    NYY 1999: 14-19 (11th)
    NYY 2000: 13-20 (13th)

    • I'm not talking about the outcomes, so much. I think everyone knows that losing a game in which only four or five innings are pitched by guys who are going to be in the big leagues that season doesn't mean anything. I was talking more specifically about how individual players perform at this stage.

      • Yeah, I think that's actually the more interesting question. If we look at something like the NBA which is MUCH more athletic (on an end-to-end basis for the entire game) and someone like Dirk Nowitski this year — clearly playing himself into shape after the lockout and getting BLASTED for it. Versus someone like Mo, who basically gets a free pass and does his own thing and "plays himself into shape" through like the first month of the season… but a) gets basically a free pass because b) he's FREAKIN' MO and gets results even during that period.

        So how MUCH does extra weight/weight loss/lost velocity/gained velocity/lack of a quality 2nd – 4th pitch actually affect the games that do matter… is that even quantifiable?